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Do you think that Trumps new law is a good or a bad law?

This is the website BBC news

Should Trump's law about the travel ban be allowed?

I think that Trump's travel ban is unfair. If he were a Muslim I bet he would want to be able to go to America. Another example of Trump's 'fake news' is when he apparently 'didn't' contact the Russians to hack Clinton's phone. Whenever Trump doesn't like something he calls it 'fake news'. One time he lied about Obama hacking his phones before Trump was president. Trump claimed president when he beat Clinton. Trumps worst new laws are building the wall between Mexico and America and another one is his travel ban. The countries Trump has banned are Syria,Iran,Iraq,Libya,Yemen,Sudan and Somalia.

By Jonah and Lucy



Pigeons are saving the day . Scientists have been testing out ways that pigeons could track which city is letting out the most pollution. It has been fantastic watching these scientists work away on doing this. You may think they are just flying rats but they are actually solving a massive puzzle on which city is making the most pollution.

Our opinions:

Scientists should keep doing what they are doing because it is helping humans live in a healthier place.

You may of thought that these pigeons have no talent, it's just because we haven't seen it yet.

We think this is an amazing thing that scientists and pigeons are working side by side and making the world a better place.



Why are pandas black and white? One of the reasons for pandas being black and white, is because they need to be protected from predators as the black rings around their eyes is a way to know the other pandas. The white on a panda is to blend in with snow and other white surroundings, while the black is to blend in with the shade of the rainforest. Pandas ears are a sign of aggression and sometimes a threat to other pandas.

Anna and Daniel


Today Luke and I read a news story on BBC news about 900 coins that were found in a poorly turtles stomach.

The story was about a turtle found in Thailand who had swallowed 915 coins in a pond where tourists carelessly threw them in for luck, but not so lucky for the poor turtle.

She was taken in by vets who immediately knew that something was wrong when she couldn't swim in a straight line. Her shell had been cracked by the excessive weight ( 6.35 kg) of coins.

It was heartbreaking to read but good to hear that she is alive and well after the vet's treatment. We suggest this story to you to alert that we must care for every animal like a pet and treat them with kindness.

Luke and Jessica


Today, Calvin and I (Kirit) read a news story on BBC news called "boy uses robot to go to school". It is about a boy called Jacob living in the United States of America going to lessons using a robot. In Jacob's past, he was diagnosed with a terrible illness which has prevented him from attending school. As a result of missing important lessons and being with his friends, Jacob used a robot to go to school to attend lessons by attaching an iPad onto the robot and using FaceTime to see what was happening around the robot. He controlled this robot from his house using a remote control that commands the robot to move around. We think it is an excellent story and a very creative idea to help him keep up with the rest of his class in his education.



MISSING AIRMAN CALLED CORRIE What do you think about Corrie the airman gone missing? There's a man called Corrie whose gone missing in Landfill. We don't know if he is dead or not. We do not know where he is and we are hoping that he will be found. All the police are trying to find his body but we haven't found his it yet. His mother is absolutely devastated to hear that her son has gone missing. The latest evidence saw there was a 11kg rubbish truck holding lots of rubbish in him in there but we don't know where it went. Thank you for reading our report BY TEDDY AND STACEY.


We have found that pigeons are helping us to find where air pollution goes. The pigeon number 80 has helped scientist to find more about where air pollution goes by putting a little sensor on to the pigeon's back and when the pigeons flew off scientists could now have a better chance to find where air pollution goes.

Thanks pigeon number 80. (Max)

I think this pigeon is amazing. (Patricia)


Why are pandas black and white? Today Henry and I read a news article on BBC news. It was called " why pandas are black and white". The article told us that scientists at a University have finally figured out why these creatures have black and white patches instead of one colour. Here is why: There are three reasons why pandas have these patches. The first one is that pandas are active for most of the day and need their fur to camouflage into the snow and to camouflage into the shadows of the rainforests. The second reason is that pandas use their fur to look aggressive towards other predators (animals that would try to attack them). The third reason is that other pandas use the markings on a pandas fur to mate and to recognise them so they don't attack. We thought that this was an amazing article and helped us learn something new. It really surprised us as we thought pandas fur didn't have a purpose.


Poor turtle eats 1000 coins! This was in Thailand in a pond the people threw it in for good luck. The coins weighed her down at least a stone. That is a lot! When we watched this video we were heart broken. We never thought anything this bad could happen to a poor turtle. Tourists threw coins in their habitat this turtle could have died because he might have choked on them. If you want to help don't throw coins into the turtles habitat thank you. Our opinion is that this was a horrible video to watch it was so sad and we couldn't bear to watch it and imagine it in our heads. I'm sure many people would agree with us so thank you for reading this statement. Now, she's happy if a little poorer.

Ryan and Zara


Today Finlay and Eva watched a sad story about a boy who couldn't go to school due to a very bad illness. He speaks through an iPad on a Segway. His name was Jacob. We feel sorry for Jacob because he doesn't get to go out and enjoy his life as much as we do. We feel it is very nice that now Jacob can learn like us, but in a different way. We feel it is good that future technology can make such a difference in a boys life.


WHY ARE PANDAS BLACK AND WHITE? Today, Ruby and I read a news video called " Why are Pandas are Black and White". The Video explains why pandas are black and white instead of just being one colour. They give two important reasons and we would like to share them with you: 1. The white fur helps them to blend into the snow when they are walking through the mountains. 2. The black fur helps them to blend into shady forests. We think that this is an amazing discovery by the University of California. By Max and Ruby.


Today Josh and I read a story about Arsenal losing to Bayern Munich 5-1 again. This is for the second time so they lost 10-2 on aggregate. Lots of Arsenal fans gathered around the Emirates stadium chanting that Arsene Wenger should leave. His team has lost 6 of his last 7 games in the premier league. The Gunners (Arsenal) have lost in the round of 16 in the Champions league 7 years in a row. We believe that Arsene Wenger will leave at the end of the season so Arsenal will have to get another manager.


Today Calum and I saw on BBC news a report called strange stranger strangest. The strange part was that a skier had jumped around and was going backwards across the finish line! And the stranger part was when a dog and an owl were playing together and were not fighting STRANGE. The strangest part was that everyone was wearing bulldog t-shirts and were walking their bulldogs (if they had one). We feel that this was very peculiar and strange as things like this don’t normally happens.

Callum and Elisabeth


Charlie and Ella read about the football fixture. Arsenal lost to Bayern again!! Arsenal has lost again to Bayern Munich. The score was 5-1 to Bayern Munich!!! They lost 10-2 accurate. Theo Walcott scored the first goal. It went down hill from they though. Koscienly got sent off. Charlie felt that arsenal need a new manger because Wenger keeps on losing. Ella felt that arsenal need to improve on everything and Wenger needs to go.



Ryan and Zara

We have some cool topics to learn about and a cool school trip to the lion king .In geography we are learning about prehistoric times and how long they have lived. For our starter we got some cheap Wilko kitchen roll and made a long time line of what's happened from Stone Age to modern age like now(21st century) we know what we have learned because of archaeologists and how they have found all the artefacts that are found in museums. There are different ages such as stone bronze and Iron Age.

Our author is David Walliams he has written great books which we love to read and lots of people like him . Our favourite books are Midnight Gang and the Demon Dentist. We give it 10/10.We have also enjoyed art making pictures of People doing movement such as : gymnastics, cricket and football


At school last term we learnt about mountains. All of us learnt many different names of mountains such as Everest, Mont Blanc, the Alps and Mount Fuji. Stacey and I enjoyed this topic very much and here are some reasons why. Stacey's thoughts: It was really fun because we learnt things what are around the mountains such as the cottages and all the different plants! In robin class we have been learning about linear, nucleated and dispersed settlements. Ruby's thoughts: The reason why I thought that the topic mountains was fun was because I liked how we learnt what lived and grew on a mountain. I did not think that animals lived on mountains until we learnt about it in class. I found it interesting knowing that some people have a mountain right on top of them. By Ruby and Stacey


Our favourite subject is art because of all the action paintings we have sketched and have painted. It was fun to draw and paint but it required a lot of concentration although we were allowed to talk! Our favourite subject is science because we got to mould a dinosaur out of play-doh and test them on a swamp made out of wall paper paste and record how long they took to sank.

Max & Patricia

The thing we are enjoying is the Stone Age because it is interesting and it makes us think. Also our author is David Walliams. Our favourite book is Grandpas Great Escape because it is funny.

Humming Whispers

by Lucy & Patricia

Humming whispers is about a girl called Nicole and she is hearing voices. Sophy is Nicole's sister and her parents died and she lives with Aunt Shirley and Nicole.

Zak and Lowri's blog

We have been learning about the Stone Age in history and are working with a drama group called Tides. We play lots of fun games with them as well they come in on Wednesday's after computing.


By Jonah

We have painted and sketched pictures of people playing a sport. After we sketched them we painted them and they got put up on the wall. There was lots of different sketches but I did a American football player. I wasn't allowed to talk to my friends so that I didn't mess up because it would have been crucial and I would have had to start again. Art is probably my favourite subject. In Science we are doing dinosaurs we are learning why do dinosaurs have green, brown or red skin. We have found out that most dinosaurs have green skin. But some have had brown skins. We learnt about Big Al who is an Allosaurus Scientist think that he had broken one of his two in a fight to live. They also think that he died because of a drought. I have found this part of science really fun learning about.

Our blog by Jessica and Luke


One of our favourite books is Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. It is the third book in the Harry Potter series and is about Sirius black who is a wanted wizard who people think is one of Voldemort's death eaters. The previous defence against the dark arts teacher, Professor Lock-heart has been replaced by mysterious Professor Lupin.🔮 There is also an interesting thing to find out about Sirius Black, but we will let you read it and find out for yourself!

Art by Eva, Kirit


Eva and I enjoyed drawing and painting moving people in Art. Of course, it took a LOT of practise to perfect our sketches for the big painting. It took many weeks until we finally got to draw our person on a big piece of paper and then paint it. Eva drew and painted a gymnast on beam and I drew and painted a girl playing volleyball. At first, we sketched many different moving figures/people before we were allowed to choose the person we wanted to draw and paint for the big painting. This was very fun to do and we both agree that this activity certainly improved our artistic skills.

David, Dylanne

The Tides

The Tides are really nice and super funny. They do drama and it is fun and they are good people. They teach drama we love them because we love drama.

Daniel G, Josh


This term we have been learning about Stone Age. It is a very good subject and very fun. We have learnt about homo Neanderthals and how they lived. During the Palaeolithic period most people lived in caves. The people who lived in caves may have drawn cave paintings on the walls. These paintings were signs of good luck. The Stone Age lasted from 2 million to 10,000 BC. To hunt they used speakers which were made out of wood and stone. During the Stone Age tombs were built with strong stone so no one can enter.

Charlie, Ella

Book reviews mid night gang Charlie have been reading a book called the midnight gang. It is by David Walliams which is great because David Walliams is class author this term. The story is about a boy called tom. While playing cricket a cricket ball hit his head and left a bump. He goes to hospital and makes friends. Each child has a dream and at midnight which help from the nice porter they try to make the dream happen but the evil children ward master hates this gang. I recommend this book to 10 to 13 years old 10/10 Book review harry and hope Ella has been reading a book called harry and hope and it is written by SARAH LEAN. There's a girl called hope and she's got a donkey called harry and harry helps hope go though any bad times . There's a man called frank in the story . The story is about hopes best friend leaving and when she comes back franks gone but that's all that I have read so far . I would say it is a good books so far . 10/10 So far

Calvin, Finlay

Our favourite books this term are Demon Dentist and The Midnight gang, they are both by David Walliams because he is our favourite author! Also we really like learning about The Stone Age, the Iron Age and The Bronze Age!

Our blog by Daniel and Calum. For the past couple of weeks, we have had a group of people called TIDES.. We play games like poison dart frog, and also take part in drama activities. We enjoyed it so much we wish they came every week of the year!


Our favourite book is Midnight Gang by David Walliams, it's about some kids that are in LORD FUNT HOSPITAL. They make each other's dreams come true by getting help from the porter.. Read on for exciting adventures; we don't want to spoil the ending!.

Anya, Henry

The diamond of Dury Lane This is an great book we have read . It is about a girl called Cat Royal who, when she was born, was left by the doors of the theatre Dury Lane. She grew up in the theatre and was adopted by Mr Sheridan. Her life awaits adventure but she really only has one question to ask. Who was her mother? Who was the person who left her by the steps of the theatre? If none will tell her, the mystery remains in her own hands... This book by Julia Golding is great. We recommend it to 9-11 year olds. If you like mystery and acting then this is an extremely good book for you. We recommend it 10/10 since we really, really enjoyed it.

Anna, Elisabeth

Art In art we did paintings of moving figures. Before we got onto the moving figures, we did pictures of wooden manikins. The other thing we did before doing the finished drawing is picking between the different pictures to do, which are: gymnast, footballer, tennis player, cricketer, rugby player, volleyball player and runner. Then we went onto doing our finished piece which we painted. As they are now finished, the paintings have been cut out and put on part of the classes art display.😉 We wait until we get the next piece of art work!

Our most interesting subject is when we did the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age timeline for history. We found this fun because the both of us found it interesting to find out about the ages above.

Our most interesting book that we have read this term is The Midnight Gang by David Walliams. It is about a boy called Tom who gets hit in the head with a cricket ball. He goes to a hospital and meets many friends on the children’s ward. He and his friends go on a magical adventure with the porter but do they get caught by the horrible matron. Read the book and find out if the horrible Matron catches them!

Our blog by Kirit and Calvin


Our author focus is David Walliams. We have read many funny books by him like Rat Burger, Grandpa’s Great Escape etc. Calvin enjoyed reading Rat Burger and said he found it funny and amusing. I read Awful Auntie and I found it enjoyable and satisfying. We both agree that David Walliams is a perfect author for children and his books are funny and entertaining to read.

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