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SIAMS (previously SIAS)

St Mary's Church of England Primary School aims to provide a safe, secure and caring Christian environment, where every individual is an accepted and respected member of the school community. The children will experience a wide ranging curriculum, learn to the highest standard and have fun too.

We aim to fully develop the whole child, helping pupils grow and develop as people, preparing them for the adult world and allowing them to make sense of the world. Schools are not the only aspect of a pupil’s life that are responsible for personal development. Education cannot, therefore, be expected to a fill a spiritual vacuum left by society or family. But it can, and should, help those who receive it to make better sense of the world and personally develop.

…Since the last inspection, the school has built on the previous judgement of outstanding and the teaching of explicitly Christian values is planned more carefully into the curriculum. The school covers a different set of values each year and this provides pupils with a rich experience of the full breadth of Christian values’. (SIAS Report December 2012)