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Welcome Everybody, to St Mary's Choir for 2018-2019. We have lots of exciting things lined up for you to take part in this year. It is lovely that we have such a huge choir this year, but it does mean that not everyone can take part in everything. Unfortunately we are unable to take any year 3 children to the O2 this year- we can't fit you all on the coach- but the year 4's will tell you that there it is still great fun learning the songs and dances and there are lots more things lined up for you.


For those of you lucky enough to be going we have a new resource available to help you become an O2 Expert. If you go to and click on Children's Music Room- Resources, you can find all of the words, music and dance videos that you will need. You will need to enter this password: Popmedley2019.  You will need to register for Spotify if you have not already done so, in order to play the songs.


Keep singing!

Choir Dates for your diary


Sunday December 9th- Lighting Up Shenfield. pm (time tbc) All choir 

AND Christingle 4.30pm service only


Tuesday December 11th- Hutton Banqueting Suite. 1.30pm Years 5 and 6 only


Monday 4th February- O2. Years 4, 5 and 6


Monday 25th March- First round of Chelmsford Rotary Choir Competition at KEGS. 6.30pm. Selected choir only


Saturday 30th March- Concert at St Thomas Church Brentwood 6.30pm. All choir.


Thursday 4th April- Final of KEGS competition, if we get that far.