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Our position: West O, rows 1-11, marked in red

Our position: West O, rows 1-11, marked in red 1


Here is the final arrangements letter for the Royal Albert Hall. Your child should have brought it home on Friday 20th October.



Dear Parents and Carers,

The time for the Royal Albert Hall Concert is fast approaching so here are the final arrangements.

The coach will be leaving school at 8am prompt. Children should arrive no earlier than 7.45am and should enter school via the office to be registered. The children will be accompanied by myself (Mrs Church), Mrs Cochrane, Mrs Brooks and Mrs Antoniou. The coach will leave from Hall Lane and you are welcome to wave us off.

We should arrive by 10.15 am and the children will be given a wristband to wear throughout the day to identify them as participants. The whole day should be complete by 9.15pm and coaches will leave by 9.30pm. The coach will return to the bus stop opposite the Eagle and Child and updates on progress will be posted on Twitter although arrival is expected to be around 11pm.

After the late night, children may have a late start on the Thursday morning, as long as they arrive by 10.45 at the latest and have informed the office of their lunch request by Wednesday.

The children should wear normal school uniform and must bring a coat. They will be given their T shirt during the afternoon and will wear it for the evening performance.

The children will also need a considerable amount of food, to be carried in a sturdy, named, back pack. This should contain: packed lunch, afternoon snack, packed tea and evening snack. Each package should be labelled so that the children are not confused about what to eat and when. The usual rules apply i.e. no sweets, fizzy drinks, yogurt style foods (mess). The snacks should be in a separate plastic carrier bag, within the back pack. We have an allocated room for storage so the children will not need to carry their bags around with them but will take their snack bag onto the stage area. The children will also need a minimum of two bottles of water. We will be able to refill these during the day if necessary.

We have received a plan showing our seating position at the Royal Albert Hall which can be seen on the Choir page of the school website.

This should be a very enjoyable experience for the children, but it also requires a lot of hard work. The choir have shown great commitment by coming to rehearsals regularly and starting to learn their words. However, it is absolutely essential that every choir member does their utmost to learn as many songs as possible over the half-term holiday. We really want to give the very best impression of St Mary’s when we stand up to perform on the day.

Thank you for your support in this new venture.

Choir and parents,

Here are the songs we will be singing at the Royal Albert Hall. Please have fun learning the songs.

Happy singing!

3-02 Dancing Guitar part 2.mp3

3-04 Meet the Flintstones part 2.mp3

3-05 Hawaiian Rainbow melody.mp3

3-08 L'il Liza Jane part 2.mp3

3-09 Consider Yourself 2nd part.mp3

3-12 Hall of the Mountain King.mp3

3-14 May you always have a song part.mp3

3-15 Stronger with time 2nd part.mp3

2-02 Fireworks Choir 2.mp3

2-08 I am a small part of the world.mp3

2-10 One voice part 2.mp3

2-12 Whales - Swimming free part 2.mp3

2-14 Banana boat song part 2.mp3

2-15 Groovy Grandma.mp3

2-16 Barnardo-s.mp3