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Sun Arise

Sun Arise (backing track)

Every Journey

Every Journey (backing track)

L'il Eliza part 1

L'il Eliza part 2

Shenfield Christmas Fayre 2017 songs

Mince Pies

's no problem

Ring Out

The Gift

Choir and parents,

Here are the songs we will be singing at the Royal Albert Hall. Please have fun learning the songs.

Happy singing!

3-02 Dancing Guitar part 2.mp3

3-04 Meet the Flintstones part 2.mp3

3-05 Hawaiian Rainbow melody.mp3

3-08 L'il Liza Jane part 2.mp3

3-09 Consider Yourself 2nd part.mp3

3-12 Hall of the Mountain King.mp3

3-14 May you always have a song part.mp3

3-15 Stronger with time 2nd part.mp3

2-02 Fireworks Choir 2.mp3

2-08 I am a small part of the world.mp3

2-10 One voice part 2.mp3

2-12 Whales - Swimming free part 2.mp3

2-14 Banana boat song part 2.mp3

2-15 Groovy Grandma.mp3

2-16 Barnardo-s.mp3