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Choir and parents,

Here are the songs we will be singing at the Royal Albert Hall. Please have fun learning the songs.

Happy singing!

3-02 Dancing Guitar part 2.mp3

3-04 Meet the Flintstones part 2.mp3

3-05 Hawaiian Rainbow melody.mp3

3-08 L'il Liza Jane part 2.mp3

3-09 Consider Yourself 2nd part.mp3

3-12 Hall of the Mountain King.mp3

3-14 May you always have a song part.mp3

3-15 Stronger with time 2nd part.mp3

2-02 Fireworks Choir 2.mp3

2-08 I am a small part of the world.mp3

2-10 One voice part 2.mp3

2-12 Whales - Swimming free part 2.mp3

2-14 Banana boat song part 2.mp3

2-15 Groovy Grandma.mp3

2-16 Barnardo-s.mp3