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Penguin - Miss Michael

Bird Box - our resident blue tits have been very busy making their nest over the past week. Our very proud mum has laid 6 eggs so far!

Bird Box - our resident blue tits have been very busy making their nest over the past week. Our very proud mum has laid 6 eggs so far!  1

Please note there will no homework over the Easter Holiday


We would like thank you for your continued support at home.

A special thank you to all the parents who have come in to help this term.

We've certainly been very busy - a trip to Abberton Reservoir, the Football Tournament at Shenfield School and our Fabulous Finish - The Passover Seder Meal.


Happy Easter

Miss Michael  & Mrs Chudley

Seder Meal

As part of our RE curriculum, we have been learning about Judaism, in particular the Pesach Seder Meal, which celebrates the festival of the Passover. This festival takes place each year and marks the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt, led by Moses. We recreated this celebration meal with the children in order for them to extend their experience and understanding of the Passover. The children were able to taste some of the foods that are a part of this special meal, as well as join in retelling the story of the Passover.

Making Something out of Nothing


Penguin Class had a great time making good use of things that are often thrown away.

We wanted to raise out awareness of the problem of LITTER

and think about how we can recycle/up-cycle, 

instead of just throwing away every day items.

Our Easter Projects

Please bring in 2 pairs of socks for our Science experiment next week.

They must be similar and will be returned.

Bring them in a named carrier bag.


Code of conduct

Homework - Spring 2019 - 15.3.19

Online Safety Assembly Powerpoint


Still image for this video

Go With The Flow Assembly!

Still image for this video

Our Class assembly is on Friday 8th February


Please find the script and song attached.


As the assembly is water themed, the children may wear any item of blue clothing, even blue Jeans!

If they are water vapour they can wear a white or blue top.

Please ensure that they also have their full school uniform on Friday to change back into after the assembly.


Many Thanks


Miss Michael

Spring Term Overview 2019

Spring Term Overview 2019 1

Homework WB 10.12.18

As discussed on Friday, you have no set homework this week.

Please rehearse your lines for our production slowly, using expression like we discussed in class.

Don't will need to be back in school at 5.30pm on Weds eve.

Thank you.

Homework WB 03.12.18

Hello Penguin class,

This week we will be beginning rehearsals for our nativity play in the hall. Please try to learn your words without the need for a script.

Costume letters to be coming out soon...

Thank you.


Homework WB 26.11.18

Picture 1

To my lovely penguins,


Thank you all so very much for my lovely gifts and card, which Mrs Chudley has just delivered.

They have really cheered me up immensely!

Unfortunately, I have broken my arm and am not able to come in to school at the moment.

I know you will all work very hard for the teachers who are teaching you in my place.

Missing you all very much and hoping to be back soon.


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Miss Michael

Homework W/B 19/11/18

Homework WB 12.11.18

Homework WB 5.11.18

Yr4 Intrahouse Netball

Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 1
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 2
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 3
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 4
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 5
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 6
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 7
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 8
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 9
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 10
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 11
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 12
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 13
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 14
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 15
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 16
Yr4 Intrahouse Netball 17

Homework WB 15.10.18

Homework WB 08.10.18

Harvest Hymn - Please learn this for Harvest Festival 4.10.18

Harvest Hymn - Please learn this for Harvest Festival 4.10.18 1

Homework 1.10.18

Homework Beg: 17/9/18

Homework 24.09.18

Year 4 visit to Sutton Hoo.

On 17th September, Year 4 visited Sutton Hoo as the "Stunning Starter" for their work on the topic of The Anglo-Saxons.

We all had a fabulous time visiting the burial mounds and spending time looking at the interesting models and artefacts in the exhibition hall.

We hope the children are now inspired to find out even more about this interesting topic.

 Mrs.Chudley and Miss.Michael would like to thank again those parents who volunteered to accompany us.

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