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Dove - Miss Chandler

Dove Self-Isolation 2.0. Some more work from Dove Class. Well done each and every one of you. You are all brilliant!

Ancient Egyptian Gods. The children of Dove Class have created their own Egyptian gods at home. Take a look!


Please could you send your child in with an empty bottle/carton of drink that you have at home. This could be any drink at all - juices, fizzy drinks, flavoured waters, flavoured milks, sports energy drinks. The list can go on! The children will be looking at the sugar content in a range of drinks on Friday so the drinks bottles/cartons need to be in by then. 

Thank you!



Spooky Day 2020!

SCHOOL GAMES EVENT: INTRAHOUSE HOCKEY. Dove class played against Swallow class in a series of hockey matches. In the end, Dove scored 41 goals to Swallow's 14 goals. An excellent victory, Dove Class!

It is REWARD TIME this afternoon in Dove Class!

Practical maths lesson. This was very tricky and the children did find their reasoning difficult but they all persevered together!

Well done Dove Class for completing your homework projects! I think you could all teach the Ancient Egyptians a thing or two!

Self-Isolation 09.10.20. Please find the documents attached just in case there any problems on Google Classroom. Miss Chandler.

Year 3 have become skilled mummifiers whilst they are in isolation at home! Today, I have received so many pictures of mummified teddies, younger siblings and even parents! Well done, Dove Class. You have put a smile on my face this afternoon!

Self-Isolation 07.10.20. Any problems, access the work here. Miss Chandler.

Self-Isolation 06.10.20. You can access the documents on here if there are any problems with Google Classroom. Miss Chandler.

Self Isolation 05.10.2020. You can access documents on here if there are any problems with Google Classroom. I will see you at 9am, 10:30am and 11:30am. Please try to be on time for the Zoom calls so we can start promptly. Miss Chandler.

SCIENCE INVESTIGATION: Can I study the process of digestion? It turns out that Dove Class can! This is always a lesson that turns the children's stomachs (quite literally) but mashed banana mixed with orange juice is certainly a way to keep this lengthy process forever in the children's minds! Here are some of the photos.


This half term we are going to be making Egyptian death masks and for this each child will need a 4 pint plastic milk bottle. If you don't get milk like this, please don't worry as I am sure there will be a few spares! 

Please could you bring them in by next Friday and please rinse them out first!

Thank you!

Exciting Egyptians Overview


We were investigating different types of teeth and their functions. It was very challenging but we got there in the end! Well done, Dove Class for persevering!

Exciting Egyptians Stunning Starter! I have never heard such a cheer when the children found out what they were doing today. They loved making mummies.