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How do we communicate in our school?

How do we communicate in our school?


Everyone will:

Ensure that children are always given priority;

Smile, be welcoming and friendly;

Use a professional tone at all times;

Use excellent manners, thank each other;

Listen carefully to each other, ask questions to check you understand;

Be patient, give the other person time to think and respond appropriately, you do not know what else they are dealing with;

Give people time to liaise with staff members, getting the full picture will mean that the matter is managed as well as possible;

Try to be clear and concise;

Have a right to speak privately, making sure conversations about children cannot be overheard by others;

Have a ‘can do’ attitude, never ‘I can’t do it’, instead ‘I can’t do it yet’ so what do I need to do first to get there in the end; and

Follow our school values; respect, forgiveness, trust, responsibility, thankfulness, justice and humility.


Our communication charter applies to governors,

staff, parents, carers, visitors and pupils.