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New EYFS Children September 2021

Welcome to Shenfield St Mary's CE Primary School.


We are so pleased that you are joining us in September.  This is a slide show outlining information for parents/carers:


Here are some of our new pupils, taking part in a few 'getting ready for school' activities

Here are the teachers that you will get to know really well soon:

Miss Peck

Bumblebee Class Teacher

Hello Bumblebee Class.  My name is Miss Peck and I am a teacher in the Early Years.  I love coming to school everyday to explore and learn through play and fun activities!  What do you love to do at home?  I like baking, gardening and running.  I hope you are just as excited as me about starting school in September.  See you soon!

Miss Johnson

Butterfly Class Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Johnson and I will be the teacher for Butterfly class.  I am also the EYFS leader and work closely with Miss Peck and all the ladies in our EYFS area.  I love making things and being creative, as well as dancing and baking!  I also really enjoy reading and have so many books that we can share together.  My book shelf at school is longer than your arm span!  My favourite colours are blue, green and purple.  What is your favourite colour? Or do you have many like I do?

Mrs Hodder

Infant Leader

Hello Butterfly and Bumblebee classes.

My name is Mrs Hodder, I am Key Stage 1 leader and I teach in year 1 currently.

I love reading stories to the children in my class and when I am at home. I will be able to share some of my favourites with you at school. I wonder if you have a favourite story or character?

This photo of me was taken in my garden. When I am at home I really enjoy looking after the plants and birds that visit my garden.  I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon! 

Mrs Bundy

Deputy Head Teacher and Inclusion Leader

Hello!  My name is Mrs Bundy and I am the Deputy Head at Shenfield St Mary'.  I am also the Inclusion Leader so I help the children in our school with Special Educational Needs.  When I am not in school working with the wonderful children and staff I like to take my dog Obi for walks in the forest with my two children.  What do you like doing for fun?

Mrs Taggart

Head Teacher


Hello Bumblebee and Butterfly children!  It is going to be so lovely to meet you soon.  Your teachers are busy getting everything ready for when you start school. 


I am your Head Teacher (the boss of the school).  That means I can visit you in your classrooms and see the lovely things you do as much as I can.  You will see me for assembly a lot and I give out special rewards for trying very hard with your learning. 

I love drawing, singing and playing Rounders, as well as walking Millie, my dog.