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Weasel - Miss Chandler


Summer Term Overview

DT Stone Age Roundhouses

Easter Songs - Hosanna!

Easter Songs - One Man Dies

Easter Songs - You Must Die

Easter Songs - You're His Friend

The Highwayman. The children have posed for freeze frames in literacy to get into the role of the different characters in the narrative poem.

Forest School WEEK 3

First Aid Training: the children enjoyed the opportunity to be trained in first aid. The important lesson was DRS ABC. D for Danger. R for Response. S for Shout. A for Airway. B for Breathing. C for CPR.

Year 5 Spring Term Overview

Year 5 Letter to Parents/Carers

Christmas Dinner 2022

We had the pleasure of listening to the author Tony Bradman this afternoon. He read some of his books to us including ‘The Frankenstein Teacher’. The lesson we took away about suspense was ‘make them laugh, make them cry and most importantly, make them... WAIT!’

DT Water Wheels

Forensic Science. Today the children walked into a crime scene! Someone had taken the Haywain painting and it was up to the children to use their expertise and knowledge to find the culprit. Here’s how they got on!

Dancing with Rico

Mini Marathon