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Kingfisher - Mrs James

DT - making a healthy sandwich for Paddington

Geography - looking at maps of our local area.

Looking for the features of our local area.

We are very proud of our London information pages!

Habitat projects

We have been leanrnng 3D paper sculpture techniques in art.


for the beautiful flowers and gift card. It was so kind of you! We have had a wonderful term so far. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! 


From Mrs James and Mrs Jones

Christmas party!

Christmas Dinner!

We have been investigating which materials float in science.

Sorting shapes

Shape activities!

Exploring transparent, translucent and opaque materials in science.

Geography - we went on an autumn walk exploring our local area.

Prayer Space - we learnt all about the Kingdom of Heaven

Our amazing Toy Story art!

Exploring our sense of touch in science.


We are getting really good at comparing numbers!