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Watervole - Mrs Gurney and Mrs Mooney

We all enjoyed our tie day fashion show, we hope you did too!

Wow! What amazing music from some of our talented water voles this morning!

Our marvellous work about Mary Anning

We had a very special visitor today - Mrs Gupta! She shared lots of her memories of her time at St Mary’s

Tie Dye - we had lots of fun making tie dye t shirts - the designs look wonderful. Children, can you spot yours?

Our wonderful class assembly about Space - we are so proud of how you performed, we really missed some of our special Water voles - get well soon! Some of these photos are from our rehearsal yesterday. We will always remember how brilliant it was, well done to all of you.

We had a wonderful time during curriculum week ‘reaching for the stars’ - we enjoyed meeting all of our visitors, the assemblies and our fantastic scooter session!

Our magnificent moons!

Moon Landers - for our science lesson we re-created moon landers. We had to ensure they had shock absorbers, probes, doors and antennae. We worked hard to create these.