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Hedgehog - Miss Butler

Explorer presentations

Creativity Week: Dance!

We had so much fun during creativity week.

Creativity through outdoor learning

Music lesson exploring sound effects for the giant in the classroom.

Darwin Day - exploring trees and minibeasts

Information Texts about plants - we worked hard to create these information texts about plants. We included a title, subheading and picture and labels.

Intra house event year 1 3 tees cricket.

Daily Mile - enjoying our Daily Mile and why we do it.

Camouflaging our toys at home. Can you spot the animals hidden in the pictures?

Fabulous Finish - a zoom call with Exotic Explorers. We had fun "meeting" the animals and learning all about them. We asked some great questions to further our knowledge. We found out the owls aren't as wise as we thought as their brains are only the size of a peanut. Also a green tree python moves quicker in water than on the ground!

World Book Day 2021

Little Red Riding Hood

Still image for this video

Finding out about Mass. We made our own balance scales, weighed different objects and compared them.

Welsh dragons, flags and Welsh cakes to help us learn about Wales and St David's Day

Exploring Scotland