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Hedgehog - Miss Butler

Daily Mile - enjoying our Daily Mile and why we do it.

Camouflaging our toys at home. Can you spot the animals hidden in the pictures?

Fabulous Finish - a zoom call with Exotic Explorers. We had fun "meeting" the animals and learning all about them. We asked some great questions to further our knowledge. We found out the owls aren't as wise as we thought as their brains are only the size of a peanut. Also a green tree python moves quicker in water than on the ground!

World Book Day 2021

Little Red Riding Hood

Still image for this video

Finding out about Mass. We made our own balance scales, weighed different objects and compared them.

Welsh dragons, flags and Welsh cakes to help us learn about Wales and St David's Day

Exploring Scotland

Snow Day!

Celebrating Chinese New Year - we did lots of activities to learn about and tocelebrate Chinese New Year

Under the sea - what will you find below the depths of the ocean?

How would you travel around London? We made models and pictures to show how we show our teddies around London.

A visit to the Gurdwara. They are all dressed ready to show respect on thier visit.

Parts of a fish

View from a window - we thought about what Paddington would see if he looked through the window in London, UK and in Lima, Peru.

Termly Overview - Toys

Our class charter

Christmas party fun,

We made Christingles and thought about what each part means.

Santa dash!

Enjoying our Christmas dinner together

Puppet - this week we became toy designers and designed and made glove puppets. We chose characters from the Nativity story. Which characters can you spot?

Toy Story 4 - we made Forky and Sponnies, created Mr and Mrs Potato head and watched Toy Story 4.

Futuristic Toys - we created our own toys for the future and thought about what children might play with. We designed and drew them and then added our own mixed colour paints.