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Sing Up - What Makes a Family? Young Voices 2020 Medleys

Information for the KEGs Choir Competition on Thursday 27th February.


Rehearsals will take place Monday and Thursday lunchtimes and during assembly on Tuesday and Wednesday in Badger Class.


The competition starts at 7.15pm and we are the first choir to perform so please arrive at 6.30pm.

Parking is available at the car park opposite and parking charges have been waived for the event.

Choir members should wear school uniform, have long hair tied back and be wearing clean and shiny shoes please. Appearances do make a difference.

The children may bring a bottle of water and a quiet activity (drawing, puzzles, reading etc.) to fill the time spent waiting for the results.


Parents are asked to pay £2.50 to watch the competition. There is no charge for children.

The event usually finishes at about 9pm.

Thank you


Finally, a reminder that the choir will be singing at St Thomas' Church Brentwood on Saturday March 28th at 7pm. Choir members are asked to attend a short rehearsal at 2pm that afternoon and to be at the church by 6.30pm for the concert.


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New Information for December


Christingle on Sunday 15th at 4.15pm for a 4.30pm start - School uniform please.


Brentwood Centre Concert- Important rehearsal at 1pm

This will last around 45 minutes. Parents are welcome to wait, or drop and return.  Arrive at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. School uniform, Xmas hats etc. and a small torch, please.

Shenfield Light Up

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How to access Music Room- This document includes a screenshot to help you access the Young Voices resources again!

New Information!


Children's Room Access on the Young Voices website needs the code

YV2020. Now you can sing along to your heart's content and get on with learning the words.

Also, our very important Christmas concert with the Hutton and Shenfield Choral Society is on Saturday 21st December. However, school finishes on Wednesday 18th December, seriously cutting down on our rehearsal time. Please could you try to keep the 21st free so that your child is available to participate. 

Thank you

Welcome back everybody, here are some events to look forward to this school year. Please put them in your diary. O2 words will be available soon along with the link to musical accompaniments.


Sunday December 8th- Lighting Up Shenfield.

Sunday December 15th Christingle 4.30pm


Monday December 16th- Shenfield U3A at Parish Hall 2.30pm


Saturday December 21st- Hutton and Shenfield Choral Society Xmas Concert


Monday 3rd February- Young Voices at the O2- Years 4, 5 and 6


Tuesday 27th February - Chelmsford Rotary Club Choir Competition- All Year 6 plus auditioned year 3, 4 and 5


Saturday 28th March Brentwood Rotary Club Spring Concert at St Thomas' Church Brentwood 


Happy singing!

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What a busy time we have had! Well done to all of the choir, for turning up to every rehearsal and being such a hard-working group of singers. You were brilliant at the concert at St. Thomas' last Saturday and were worthy winners at the Rotary Club Choir Competition last night.

If you were part of the concert choir there is an extra competition for you. Please write a short paragraph about what it is like to be part of the choir; why you enjoy it; what you learn from the experience etc. You should aim to write about 100-150 words. Bring it in at the start of next term. The best eight will be able to record theirs for the radio recording next term. Once again, well done everybody.

Important Information 1- KEGS Competition

Our heat is on Monday 25th March. All children must arrive at KEGS by 6.30pm. Please park in the car park opposite, there is no parent parking at the school. There is no charge to park for this event.

All choir members must be smartly dressed in school uniform with jumper and shiny shoes: appearance really makes a good positive impression. The choir may bring a bottle of water and a book or pens and paper to keep them busy while waiting. They will be given a drink and biscuit by the Rotary Club.

There is a small charge for adults which helps with the costs of the event and charitable works, children have free entry. The event usually finishes around 9.15pm and you will not be able to leave or remove your child until the results are given. The children have worked very hard, so we hope to do well. Last year everyone gave very positive feedback about the event so we hope you all enjoy each school's performance.

If we are selected, we do it all again at the final on Thursday 4th April, same time, same place.

Important Information 2-

St Thomas' Concert on Saturday March 30th

We have only two weeks until this very important event for the choir.

It should be a very enjoyable concert with performances by the Becket Keys Big Band and the Phoenix Youth Orchestra as well as ourselves; so please get buying those tickets.


As mentioned on the original letter, we have been given a rehearsal time, which is 2.30 pm. It is therefore very important that as many choir members as possible, are able to attend, so that we can sort out sound levels and seating. Please could children arrive at the side door of the church at

2.20 pm ready to be escorted in. The rehearsal is only scheduled to last about half /three quarters of an hour- an ideal time to have a coffee or do a bit of shopping. 

The performance starts at 7.30 pm, so children must arrive at the side door by 7 pm dressed in school uniform. Parents can also enter by this door. The children have worked very hard for this performance and it should be a lovely evening of music making by the young people of Brentwood.

We are proud and flattered to have been asked to take part in this concert-thank you for all of your support in helping it to happen.

We had a great time at the 02

Words for Christmas Songs

Welcome Everybody, to St Mary's Choir for 2018-2019. We have lots of exciting things lined up for you to take part in this year. It is lovely that we have such a huge choir this year, but it does mean that not everyone can take part in everything. Unfortunately we are unable to take any year 3 children to the O2 this year- we can't fit you all on the coach- but the year 4's will tell you that there it is still great fun learning the songs and dances and there are lots more things lined up for you.


For those of you lucky enough to be going we have a new resource available to help you become an O2 Expert. If you go to and click on Children's Music Room- Resources, you can find all of the words, music and dance videos that you will need. You will need to enter this password: Popmedley2019.  You will need to register for Spotify if you have not already done so, in order to play the songs.


Keep singing!

Choir Dates for your diary


Sunday December 9th- Lighting Up Shenfield. pm (time tbc) All choir 

AND Christingle 4.30pm service only


Tuesday December 11th- Hutton Banqueting Suite. 1.30pm Years 5 and 6 only


Monday 4th February- O2. Years 4, 5 and 6


Monday 25th March- First round of Chelmsford Rotary Choir Competition at KEGS. 6.30pm. Selected choir only


Saturday 30th March- Concert at St Thomas Church Brentwood 6.30pm. All choir.


Thursday 4th April- Final of KEGS competition, if we get that far.