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Ancient Egyptian Day - 6th January 2021



The children can dress up in an Egyptian costume if they want to. Costume ideas: pharaohs, Cleopatra, mummies and archaeologists are all perfect for this day!

On Monday we will be having our class treat. The children have voted to have a film wearing their pjs with their teddies. The treat is in Monday so please send in pyjamas and teddies on Monday. Thank you. 

A big thank you to all from Miss Dodd. She is looking forward to seeing you all.

DT- making windmills then adapting them to make a shaduf


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Times tables games- it’s so nice seeing the children playing together again


Please could you send your child in with an empty bottle/carton of drink that you have at home. This could be any drink at all - juices, fizzy drinks, flavoured waters, flavoured milks, sports energy drinks. The list can go on! The children will be looking at the sugar content in a range of drinks on Friday so the drinks bottles/cartons need to be in by then. 

Thank you!

Pictorial Subtraction - wonderful partner work today and great understanding too. Well done super swallows!

SCHOOL GAMES EVENT: INTRAHOUSE HOCKEY. Swallow class played against Dove class in a series of hockey matches. In the end, Dove scored 41 goals to Swallow's 14 goals. Better luck next time, Swallow Class!



As you have been amazing and filled up your jar, you have won a class reward!


The children have chosen to bring in a cuddly toy and watch a film, so we will do this on FRIDAY AFTERNOON.



Pyramid projects! What a fantastic mixture they have been so far!

Monday Maths

We recreated the digestive system this week!

The results of our experiment after 5 days!


This half term we are going to be making Egyptian death masks and for this each child will need a 4 pint plastic milk bottle. If you don't get milk like this, please don't worry as I am sure there will be a few spares! 

Please could you bring them in by next Friday and please rinse them out first!

Thank you!

Our egg experiment! We have set up our experiment to test the effect of different drinks on tooth decay. We will be watching throughout the week to see what happens!

Our Class Charter

Welcome to Swallow Class!

We are practising hockey skills in PE!

We had a great time this afternoon mummifying each other! A stunning starter to our Egyptians topic.