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  • To give pupils the opportunity to be involved in improving school life for everyone.
  • For pupils to work as partners with staff, developing a caring school community.
  • To provide all pupils with opportunities to develop skills that will be important throughout their lives.
  • To involve pupils in solving problems and resolving conflicts.

Wonderful, confident and convincing speeches.  Well done to everyone!

Here is just one example...

I may be the newest council member but I have given my very best to overcome the challenges I have encountered. 

I feel that my knowledge of the school and its pupils, my consideration for others and my desire for the school council to achieve great things makes me the ideal candidate for its vice chairman. 

      Coming from a family with three older sisters, I am used to making myself heard and getting my point across in the face of competing voices.  We are a well-behaved group but sometimes a loud voice is needed to bring order to proceedings - and I can bring one!

       If I am elected vice chairman, I will do my very best to support the chairman, stand in for them when necessary and do whatever is needed in order to ensure the effective running of our school council.



We created a 'caution sign' to help keep us safe.

A wonderful speech made by one of our school council when standing for the role of Treasurer...


First of all I’d like to say how happy and honoured I am to be elected as a school councillor. I look forward to attending all future meetings. I am applying for the role of Treasurer because I think my skill set is best suited to this position. My knowledge of mathematics has improved MASSIVELY over the past couple of years.

At the start of year 4 if you’d asked me my best subject I’d have answers (without hesitation) English. However, as a result of working hard in class (and studying for the 11+) I would now find it difficult to choose between the two.

Also I have experience of working within budgets. For instance, when I last celebrated my birthday my mum and dad gave me an allowance and I had to work out how many people to invite and how much was left over for food, drink and party bags.

To conclude, I promise to give proposals fair consideration and make sure our budget is spent wisely.

Thank you.


He got the job!

One School Councillor raised over £50 at the summer fair...

School Council Video for using the Quiet Area safely

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Last year 2015-2016

School Council Video

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We wanted to make a quiet zone in the playground for everyone to use when they want to relax and just chat with friends. This area is not for running around in, as you will see in the video...