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Head Teacher's Awards 1st May 2020

Our pupils are continuing to work so hard that we have to keep giving them Green Cards.  Six Green Cards = One Head Teacher's Award


Visit our class pages to see what they have created at home: 


This week the following children have achieved their Head Teacher's Award:


Caleb Kinghorn

Ella Ward

Evan Poon

Freddie Fisher

Grace Lillywhite

Hannah Whittaker

Hantin Wang

Harry Batsford

Isla Young

Izzie O'Toole

Jeremy wong

Jessica Owens

Jessica Slater

Joe Loffredo

Laurence Ward

Lia Brimelow

Maddy Phillips

Matthew Wiles

Mia Webb

Oscar Cupic

Sophia Collins

Tess Northcott

Tia Watts

William Smith


Well done everyone!