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Fox - Miss Peck

Last handwriting sheet of the year! Hooray!!!

Farewell and Good Luck Fox Class - you will be amazing in Year 1!

Photos of Year 1 area and classrooms


Looking back at our last day at school...who remembers doing these activities?

Tricky words and high frequency words (HFWs)

Look at the Fox Class learning going on at home last week. Keep the photos coming!

Some parents have asked about supporting children learning numbers to 20. Theses excerpts have some useful information.

Thank you for the photos of your Easter Gardens. I had a little ponder in my garden yesterday, joined by my cat!

Homelink Letter 20th March 2020

Homelink Letter 13th March 2020

Homelink Letter 6th March 2020

Homelink Letter 28th February 2020 (Amended version)

Homelink Letter 14th February 2020

Jungle Fun Overview (Spring 2nd Half Term)

Our Fantastic Finish. Farewell alien, thank you for coming to visit us!

We learnt about the different types of engineer in an assembly, then planned our ideas and participated in a variety of engineering activities,

Homelink Letter 7th February 2020

Homelink Letter 31st January 2020

This week's Mathematical Mastermind and English Expert!


Homelink Letter 24th January 2020

Homelink Letter 17th January 2020

A few photos of our class reward today - wearing our onesies!!!

Homelink Letter 10th January 2020

Our stunning starter for our new topic 'Reach for the Stars', was arriving after lunch to discover an alien had crash-landed in the classroom. The children were very excited and had many questions about the incident!

Reach for the Stars Overview (Spring 1st Half Term)

Homelink Letter 6th December 2019

Homelink Letter 29th November 2019

Homelink Letter 22nd November 2019

Homelink Letter 15th November 2019

Our ‘Stunning Starter’ for the new topic - ‘Let’s Celebrate’. We had a mini celebration party!

Homelink Letter 8th November 2019

Let's Celebrate Curriculum Overview (Autumn 2nd Half Term)

Homelink Letter 25th October 2019


Fantastic Finish - dressed in the props we made, we had a superhero adventure!

Homelink Letter 18th October 2019

Homelink Letter 11th October 2019

Our Autumn walk - looking at seasonal changes.

Some photos from the phonics workshops!

Homelink Letter 4th October 2019

The children discussed what makes a happy classroom and came up with these rules.