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Merlin - Miss Dodd


Thank you so much for our lovely gifts! It was extremely kind of you and we will really enjoy them! 

Hello from Bubble 3!

Fashion Show - Bubble 2

Tie dye bubble 2

Hello from Bubble 2!

The Fashion Show

HELLO! From Bubble 1!

Spellings for this week

Home Learning Week 5 Timetable - well done for all your hard work this week, Merlins! I have particularly enjoyed receiving emails about your pet rocks. They have certainly kept me entertained. Please find attached the documents you will need for week 5. Miss Dodd.

Week 4!

Spellings for this week

Home Learning Week 4 Timetable - please find attached the timetable for the upcoming week. Every week seems to bring new surprises. I have been blown away with the work I have been sent this week. I've had complicated Celtic knot patterns, sock puppet prayers, rapid roller coaster rides and many more photos sent to me. Well done Merlin class! Miss Dodd.

Super (+delicious!) work from Week 3

Home Learning Week 3 Timetable. I hope you and your families have had the chance to relax and recharge those batteries ready for home learning to continue! Please find attached the new timetable ready for next week. Miss Dodd.


Your amazing work from week 2

Homework 27.03.20. We will continue to send out homework. Spellings and times tables practise should carry on regardless. We've also provided you with a maths sheet to complete this week too.

Week 2 Timetable for home learning. Enjoy!

Week 1 - Here are just some of the fantastic pictures you have been sending this week. Great work Merlins! You’ve been doing a brilliant job.



Thank you for your kind presents last week. It was so generous of you and I will enjoy them over the next few weeks. The flowers are looking lovely and cheerful. I will miss you all!

Weekly Timetable - Week 1. Here is the timetable for the children to complete at home. You do not have to send us evidence of every single thing but it would be lovely to see what you are all getting up to while you're away from school. We hope all of you stay safe and healthy and we'll see you when we see you! Miss Dodd and Miss Chandler.

Experimenting with pneumatics in DT today

Methods for adding and subtracting money

Homework 13.03.20. Please learn the x8, x9 and x12 times tables for this week.

Today we had a brilliant drama workshop from 'Perform'.

Our finished mosaics

Reading treat

Homework 06.03.20. The children have been asked to revise x6, x7, x8, x9 and x11 this week. Have a good weekend!

World Book Day - Sharing reading with Grey Seal Class

Homework 28.02.20. Please learn the x8, x9 and x11 times tables this week.

Engineering Morning! We had a great visit from Mr Patel and had fun designing inventions and building Roman landmarks out of clixi.

Our Class Assembly

Still image for this video

Our Class Assembly

Still image for this video

Homework 31.01.20. This week we are asking the children to learn x7, x8 and x9 times tables with division. Have a lovely weekend!

Class Assembly! Well done Merlins - you were amazing!

Multiplication methods

Homework 22.11.19. We will be giving the children a times table test on x2, x3, x4, x5, x6 and x10.

Homework 15.11.19. We ask that the children learn the x4, x5 and x6 times tables this week - MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION. This is to full embed the x6 times table. Thank you.

Addition and subtraction methods



Just a reminder that it is Egyptian Day this Friday! Please remember to come in in a costume. They must bring in a coat for break time and lunch time though. Thank you. 

We have been looking at mass and weighing objects in the classroom.

Homework: The children should be learning the x3, x4 and x6 times tables this week - MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION. Pay more attention to DIVISION. Have a good weekend.

Tutankhamun's tomb.... The children have been learning about Howard Carter's discovery of the tomb. This week they became archaeologists, explored the tomb for themselves and discovered many wonderful things inside!

We've had a fun afternoon playing a simple version of netball as a whole year group! The results: Cole - 2, Burrell - 3, Ferguson - 4 and Landon - 5. Well done everyone for taking part.

Homework: 25.10.19. The children have the spellings in their homework. They need to revise x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10 times tables for a test on Thursday.

Homework 18.10.19: The spelling sheet is stuck into the children's homework diaries already. Please ensure that the children are practising x3, x4 and x5 times tables both MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION. We are revisiting these again this week because the scores were not as high as we had hoped. Well done though if you managed a high score this week!


We have been rehearsing the stages of mummification ready to write instructions this week!

Class reward!

More pyramids

Homework 11.10.19. The children have their spellings in their homework diaries already. They have been asked to complete x3, x4 and x5 times tables - multiplication AND division facts. Thank you!

Today we played a game called 'Dicey Addition' to practise place value and addition.

Dear parents and carers,

Merlin class have been amazing and have earned themselves a reward by filling up their jar!

They have chosen to watch a film in their pyjamas with a teddy, so we will be doing this on Friday afternoon.

They should bring their pyjamas in a carrier bag and they will get changed in the afternoon.

Well done Merlins!

Miss Dodd

The Digestive System - We had a very messy science lesson today recreating the digestive system!

More incredible pyramids!

National Poetry Day

Still image for this video

National Poetry Day

Still image for this video

National Poetry Day

Still image for this video

National Poetry Day

Still image for this video

National Poetry Day - We wrote acrostic poems about creation and some children performed them to the class.

Still image for this video

And more amazing pyramids!

Ancient Egyptian Workshop

Our Ancient Egyptian Workshop is Friday 15th November! Please make sure that the children have a costume which they can come to school in. This could be a pharaoh, Cleopatra or an archaeologist. You still have plenty of time though so don't worry. 

Also, a very kind parent of year 3 has emailed in to suggest an event which is happening at the British Museum. It is called 'Digital Workshop: Egyptian Photobooth.' It is taking place on Saturday 19th October from 11:00am - 4:00pm.

An added bonus, it is COMPLETELY FREE and you can just turn up!

Thank you to that parent for your suggestion.


Miss Chandler and Miss Dodd. 

Homework 04.10.19. The children have their spellings in their homework diaries. They have been asked to learn the x3, x4 and x5 times tables - MULTIPLICATION ONLY!

Today's pyramids! There have been such original ideas!

Lion dance

Still image for this video

Lion dances

Still image for this video

Lion dances

Still image for this video

And more!

Homework 27.09.19: Apologies for the late upload. The spellings are stuck into the children's homework diaries and we are asking the children to revise the same times tables as last week. Thank you to everyone who has already made their project. They look fantastic!

More pyramids!


Times tables


Just to clear this up for everyone, this is what the times tables tests look like!


They have 40 questions to do in 5 minutes. 

The questions are all mixed up, not in order.

They will only be tested on the tables specified that week, although hopefully they will be able to practise others too! 

When there are division facts too, this means that as well as eg. 4 x 5 = ______ , they may be asked 20 ÷ 5 = _______ to make sure they are really embedded. 


I hope this makes sense! 


Miss Dodd

We already have two amazing pyramid projects! We can't wait to see more!



Unfortunately the new CGP homework books didn't make it home today amongst everything else to be remembered! 


They will definitely be coming home with your child on Monday. If you have a chance to do it during the week please do, but as obviously I know this may be inconvenient for some of you, they won't be expected to have done this week's pages until the following Thursday.


Thank you!



Homework 20.09.19. The project and the pages for the CGP books are in the document attached. The children should be practising x2, x3 and x5 times tables with DIVISION this week! Thank you.

Homework 13.09.19

The children have been sent home with a spelling sheet in their homework diaries. They have also been asked to learn the x2, x3 and x5 times tables. Homework is to be handed in by Thursday and both tests will take place on Thursday also. 

Miss Dodd. 

We have been looking at teeth in science!

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are going to be making Egyptian Death Masks this half term in Art. We would really appreciate if you could send your child in with an empty (and washed) four pints plastic milk bottle. We need these by Monday 16th September

Thank you,

Miss Dodd

Basketball - We were very lucky today to have a taster basketball session! The children had a great go at some games and did brilliantly, especially considering that the rules were all new to them! Some letters have gone home with those who wanted them about possibly joining basketball club in school.

Our Class Charter

Today we started off our topic 'Exciting Egyptians' with a stunning starter - making mummies!

Welcome to Merlin Class!