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Thank you Red Deers for your generous gifts.

It's been a great year and I wish you all well next year.


Miss Kent

STEM Challenge

Bridge Building

School Games Day

Listen to this!

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Persuade Me!

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Talk 6.mp4

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Talk 7.mp4

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Talk 4.mp4

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Talk 8.mp4

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Talk 9.mp4

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Talk 12.mp4

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Eco Week - Ready, Steady, Cook - The children have enjoyed using their imagination to create some truly delicious and healthy culinary delights!

Eco week- Working together to create natural artwork inspired by sculpture Andy Goldsworth

Red Deer's School Trip to Abberton.

For our eco-week we are asking if you could very kindly bring in the following items:

  • Plastic bags
  • Old clothes
  • Newspaper
  • 2L bottles

In order for the week to run smoothly we need lots of these items, so please get hunting for them!


Thank you


Miss Kent and Mrs Tyson

Music in Red Deer Class

Summer Term Homework Menu

Thank you to all the Parents who came and took part in our Fabulous Finish.

Red Deer's Chariot Race

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School Games Event: Mini Olympics

Red Deer Fabulous Finish: designing and making medals

Thank you to the Wrightson family for providing and blowing up the balloons!

Red Deers go on an Easter Egg Hunt

Making our Easter Cards

Spellings Spring Term 2017

We had an amazing Science Day

Clay Pots

Drama work. Can you guess the emotion we are acting out?

Clay samples. Learning how to attach clay.

Learning how to attach clay and experimenting with Greek style patterns.

 Next week

 In maths, we will be looking at fractions and angles.


 In Literacy, we will be continuing our focus on myths particularly looking at Pandora's Box

This week Red Deers will be learning more about fractions. In Literacy, we will be reading Greek Myths and considering how we can write our own!


 At the end of the week it's Red Deer's Class Assembly!

 This week is set to be another busy week. Red Deer's will be starting to write their playscripts and in maths they will be learning more about fractions. 
  Spelling Sheets for this half term.

We've learnt about Rosa Parks and discussed justice as a class.

Sketching Greek patterns

Stunning Starter

  Happy New Year!

  Many thanks for my lovely Christmas presents and my Next voucher. 


Christmas Cards

School Games Event: Football

Red Deers are seeing spots!

 Next week: 21st November


 Maths: subtraction and addition problem solving.

 Literacy: we will be looking at Christmas stories.

Making great use of computing to learn about history:

Battle Comic 1Battle Comic 2


Making and reading graphs.

More Fantastic Homework!

Some of Red Deer's amazing homework projects! Hours of hard work!


 Week 10: 4th November

  Red Deers will be starting to work on our Christmas Production so please learn your lines.

​  In Literacy, we will be starting to think about our final newspaper report. We will be reading more reports ready for writing our fire report next week.

 Maths is set to be a fun packed week on fractions.






 Week 9: 31st October 2016

 What's happening in Red Deer Class?


We will be starting to look at newspapers.



Doubling, halving and some work on fractions.



Next Week: Monday, 7th October

Maths Focus - addition  


Literacy Focus - fiction including speech marks.

Viking figure heads

Sutton Hoo School Trip

Red Deer Class are off on an adventure Tuesday, 4th October however we are currently short of adult helpers. I am seeking two helpers.

Do you have a full DBS? Are you able to help on the day?

Reminder: Have you returned your permission slip?

Stunning Starter: The Battle

Autumn Term 2016 Termly Overview

1960's Fabulous Finish

There are no spellings or times tables this week but we do expect the children to be reading everyday and recording this in their reading records.

Final project due in on 14th July.

For the Carnival on Tuesday, please ensure that the children come in dressed in red, white and blue as our country is the USA!

Thank you! smiley

Well done Red Deer class - our class assembly was amazing this week! Thank you for all of your hard work and for putting on a fabulous performance.

Red Deer Class Assembly

On Friday 17th June it is our class assembly. Please ensure that you bring in your costumes in a named bag by Thursday at the latest and learn your words carefully!


There are no spellings and no maths homework for the half term.

We would like the children to continue practising their times tables for a mixed text on Thursday 9th June.

Start working on your next project which will be due in on Thursday 16th June. Please bring it in on the day so we can monitor who has completed their project.

We have been able to organise an additional swimming lesson to compensate for the missed lesson. This will be on 5th July which will be our last swimming lesson. Please ensure that the children bring in their swimming kit for Tuesday 7th June.


Hope you all have a great holiday!

Homework 23.05.16

Homework 16.05.16

Homework 09.05.16

Homework 03.05.16

Homework 25.04.16

Homework 14.03.16

Homework 07.03.16

Reading journals

Please make sure you bring your reading journal to school on the day you have guided reading. Your teacher needs to check the variety of books your reading and how often.

Homework 29.02.16

Half Term Homework


Please continue to read everyday and write in your reading journals. Please try to read a range of books including fiction and non-fiction.


The children's 3rd project is due in on Thursday 3rd March.


In the future, please could you mark the maths homework book with your child. This offers the opportunity to address any misconceptions.


Thank you,

Miss White and Mrs Chudley

Year 3 overview


Welcome to Year 3 everyone!


As a class we discussed what rules we would like to follow in our classroom. Here is what we came up with:

  1. We will respect each other and any adults that we work with.
  2. We won't bully others. If we see someone being bullied, we must tell an adult or if we see someone being left out, we will ask them to join us.
  3. We will always be kind to each other.
  4. We will always put our hand up if we need to go to the toilet, to ask a question or to answer a question.
  5. We will not kick underneath the tables. We will keep our feet still and flat underneath the table. We will keep our hands and feet safe at all times.



Red Deer it has been a fantasic year and I would like to thank you all for your hard work! Well done and WOW!

Thank you also for the support I have received from all the parents in Red Deer across the year.  

And finally thank you to you all for your thoughtful and generous gifts.

Thank you!

Have a great and safe summer,

Miss Mann




Things for the juniors:

  • A pencil case which fits into a classroom tray, please ensure it is named
  • A tracksuit
  • Plimsoles
  • Trainers
  • A healthy snack each day 


Pen licences and pens will be issued by Miss White so there is no need to have lots of writing pens in the pencil case. 



Maths for the week beginning 13th July

  • Rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and nearest 100
  • Comparing 3-digit numbers
  • Solving word problems

Pirates v Mermaids - what an excellent performance!

Maths for the week beginning 6th July

  • Comparing 2-digit numbers and 3-digit numbers using place value
  • Finding a number between two given numbers
  • Revising the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times table

Maths for the week beginning 29th June

  • Continuing to multiply two numbers by counting in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10
  • Continuing to solve division problems by counting in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10
  • Reading the scales on thermometers
  • Comparing two 2-digit numbers and finding bonds to 100 using thermometers




Year 2 art work for the Brentwood Art and Heritage Trail

Pirate versus Mermaid props


For our Fabulous Finish we are looking for the following props:


  • a ship's wheel
  • large white sheets
  • thick rope
  • large conch shells or similar underwater items
  • brooms
  • rope ladder


If you have any of the above and are able to loan them to us for a few weeks, we would be most grateful.

Thank you,

Miss Mann, Miss Jeffries and Mrs Ward

Maths for week beginning 22nd June

  • Partitioning to add two 2-digit numbers
  • Finding the difference between two 2-digit numbers
  • Multiplying two numbers by counting in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10
  • Solving division problems by counting in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10






Pirates Vs Mermaids



The children now have been allocated their parts and have been given the words to the songs.  Please practice these as frequently as you can as we are performing on the 8th July.


Every child is either a mermaid or a pirate.   Pirates can recycle their Pirate Day costumes and mermaid costumes can be creative as you like, trying to stick to predominantly green and blue shades.  If you find it difficult to find a costume please let us know as soon as possible. 

Maths for the week beginning 15th June

  • Revision of number bonds to 20
  • Doubling
  • Adding three numbers using number bonds & doubles
  • Finding missing numbers

Maths for the week beginning 8th June

  • Measuring lengths in centimetres
  • Estimating lengths
  • Finding 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3 of a given number


Red Deer learning a Greek dance.

Still image for this video

Monday 18th - Friday 22nd May is our Passport to Europe week.  During the week the children will be visiting different countries in Europe. 

Maths for the week beginning 11th May

  • Working with money
  • Problem solving

A huge thank you to our Pirate Captain and all the adults who gave up their time today to make our Pirate Day so excellent!

Well done m' hearties!  


Today we were Pirates!

Booty bags needed to be prepared...

Hit the deck!                                   At the wheel.
Hiding from One Eyed Jim and mermaids! Living dangerously.

Fingers in ears and humming loudly

stops the mermaids from enchanting you!

Making pockets for our loot. Biscuit making but not as we know it! All pirates need a flag to fly.


Before you go up the rigging you have to be able to throw.   Working together to avoid the stinky swamp. Reading flag messages.


 Maths for the week beginning Tuesday 5th April

  • Division and multiplication
  • Word problems



Calling all Pirates!


Thursday 7th May is Pirate Day.


We are taking over the hall and sailing away with History off the Page.


To get into the spirit of the day dressing as a pirate would be exciting.  Nothing too elaborate is needed, a stripy t-shirt and baggy trousers will look very piratey.

Accessories might include: eye patch, cutlass, sash, hook etc.

We all have pirate hats in school but if you already have one at home please feel free to bring it in.




Red Deer and Red Squirrel went to Tropical Wings today.

We had encounters with wallabies, meerkats, parrots and butterflies!

There was lots to see and the opportunity for those of us who were

feeling adventurous to hold, touch and stroke some unusual animals.