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Heron - Miss Chandler

PRAYER SPACE: The children were thinking carefully about the concept of 'I Am.' They reflected carefully on the people who meant most to them and the Fruits of the Spirit which they needed to work on, thought about their hopes and wishes for the future, as well as create flames for the Burning Bush to show God's words of 'I am who I am.' The children also loved rubbing with crayons on the church's doorway to show that 'God is the gateway to freedom.'

Fabulous Finish

Year 3 Fabulous Finish will take place on Friday 12th July at 2:00pm. Please wait by the office and Mrs Mellish will let you in. The children can wear whatever they want with their t-shirt (shorts, skirts, leggings, trousers). The more colourful, the better! We look forward to seeing you. Miss Chandler and Miss Dodd smiley



Spellings for Week 19

Tie-Dye TShirts

Spellings for Week 18

Spellings for Week 17



On Saturday, Year 3 will be performing our song together at 2:45 pm.


Please make sure you are there by 2:30 and listen out for the announcements so we are ready to start on time.


For our fabulous finish this term we will be having a fashion show to show the tie-dye t-shirts we will be making. 

This will take place on the afternoon of Friday 12th July and parents are invited to come and watch.

Spellings for Week 16

Homework 06.06.19. Please practise x7, x8, x9, and x12 times tables because we have identified that these are the hardest for the children to remember under timed conditions. Also, we are making tie-dye t-shirts in DT this half term and kindly ask you to provide your child with a named plain white cotton t-shirt. This is for the Fabulous Finish which is fast approaching. Deadline to bring in your t-shirt: Friday 21st June.

Spellings for Week 15

Homework 16.05.19. We have now finished sending home the times tables. This does not mean the practise stops! Please revise all times tables with your child because the times tables tests will still continue and they will be under timed conditions. We would also encourage you to work with your child on the telling the time, both on an analogue and digital clock. Thank you!

Spellings for Week 14

Homework 09.05.19 - we have decided to do the same times tables to give you a chance to really embed them.

Spellings for Week 13

Apologies for the confusion. The project is due in Monday 13th May. Thank you! smiley

Spellings for Week 12

We had lots of fun playing each other's magnetic games! Well done to those who completed them!

Spellings for Week 11

Colchester Castle 29.03.19

Roman Chariots

Spellings for Week 10

Spellings for Week 9

We are very GRUMPY Romans!

World Book Day

Spellings for Week 8

Homework 28.02.19. (The homework has been labelled 25.02.19 because that is the week we are currently in - there has been some confusion over dates but we always label our homework with Monday's date.) If you are ever unsure about which homework to complete, please do come and ask.

Spellings for Week 7

Homework 14.02.19. Over half term, we would like the children to practise their x2, x3, x4, x5, x6 and x8 (multiplication and division) ready for a test!

Spellings for Week 6

Online Safety Assembly Powerpoint

Spellings for Week 5

Homework 31.01.19. We thought it best that the children revise the x3, x6 and x8 times tables (multiplication only!)

Spellings for Week 4

Homework 24.01.19. A reminder about reading. Please ensure your child is reading as widely as possible across fiction and non-fiction books. They should be reading daily and recording in their purple diary signed by a parent. Thank you!

Spellings for Week 3

The children are making Roman chariots in DT. Please can you start collecting this size box at home. Bring it in as soon as possible. A shoebox is too big! This smoothie box is PERFECT!

Homework 17.01.19. The hand in day is Wednesday. We are giving the children a chance to recap on the x2 and x4 times table because we believe they will help when learning the x8 tables. We will be introducing the x7 times table if you want to make a start though!

Spellings Week 2 of our new trial scheme. Remember everyone has the same spellings.

Heron Class have been working on their contractions!

We have been working together recently to check our understanding of division. We have had lots of fun in our practical maths lessons!

From now on, homework is going to be given out on Thursdays. Your child will need to give it back in on Wednesdays. This is due to our staff meetings changing to a Thursday. Thank you for your understanding.

Spellings: We are trialling some different spelling schemes at the moment. Everyone has the same spellings until further notice.

STUNNING STARTER: Heron Class had lots of fun pretending to have some chariot races today!