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Red Squirrel - Mrs Church

Prayer Space Day- Reflecting on the 'I AM' statements.

Friday afternoon, dance practice for 'Rock Bottom'- What Year 6 in the summer, is really all about! (Excuse the blurry photos, fast moves in progress).

And the last of the volcano homework pictures. Well done everybody!

More PGL pictures- Ah, I remember.....

Awe and wonder in the classroom, thanks to these volcano, homework projects.

PGL 2019 2nd Batch (Thank You Mr Pearson)

PGL 2019 BAWDSEY MANOR (First batch)

Supporting each other while we improve our writing

Proud Volcano Builders

Apologies for not double-checking the date for handing in the volcano homework. The idea was to give you plenty of time and not make you rush . Hopefully you will have received the email notifying you of the correct date. Thank you for the early arrival of some projects- a super cake and accompanying photos and our first 3D model. We look forward to seeing what the rest of you are working on.

Volcano homework



If you have signed up to audition for Rock Bottom, here are the page numbers to look at. You do not have to learn the part off by heart, but it will help if you are familiar with it- you will give a more convincing performance.

Time keepers P19

Coral/Cliff P23/24

Rocky P25

Morris Miner  P26    

Bobby     P27/28

The Three Amigos    P31

Lady Lava     P39/40

Caveys         P42

Eggheads    P51


Have a look at all of the pages that your characters appear on, but you will only be asked to audition once. We just don't have the time for more. 

If your character sings, you will be asked to sing at least a verse of one of the following songs.

Coral/Cliff      Smile

Willie             Welcome to My World

Bobby           Welcome to My World (Reprise)

Lady Lava     Spell On You

Homework 3/5/19


Homework this week continues from last week:

  • Read
  • Spellings
  • Volcano model


Your child should have brought home their most recent maths SAT's papers. Please help them by discussing the mistakes they made and what they would do differently in future. They have also brought home some information sheets which include all of the information that they should know for the tests. The CGP homework books should be used to revise topics in maths and grammar which your child may be feeling less confident about. They should be handed in, completed by Friday 17th May at the latest.


Finally, it is essential that all PGL medical forms are handed in by Tuesday 7th May.

Updated PGL Power Point

Homework 26/4/19


An Exciting Day at Duxford

Homework for week ending 15.03.19

Homework for half-term is simply to read the next two chapters of Goodnight Mr Tom and to carry out your WW2 interview.

Read plenty and get out and enjoy the holiday.  Langdon Hills Country Park has a WW2 display hidden in the middle apparently- it might be an interesting place to visit.

Online Safety Assembly Powerpoint

Homework for week ending 8/2/19

Homework for week ending 01.02.19

Homework for week ending 25.01.19


Homework for week ending 18.01.19

Red Squirrel Class trying to locate the major organs of the body.

Homework for week ending 11.01.19 TO BE HANDED IN ON WEDNESDAYS FROM NOW ON!

Spring Term 2019 Overview

Thanks to everybody who helped Red Squirrel Class to twin their toilet with this one in Myanmar, as a Xmas gift. Thank you also for the donation to Barnados.

Homework for week ending 23/11/18

Red Squirrel Class Assembly 16.11.18

Homework 9/11/18

We have been learning to show empathy with those who have a disability.

We carried out a number of challenges in groups of three. We had to make a jam sandwich, a family of play dough bears, a set of 3 cubes or write a party invitation and put it in an envelope. The challenge was that in each group one child was blindfolded, one child could only use one arm and one child couldn't leave their chair. We really started to appreciate how difficult and frustrating it must be to have a disability. We also learned about Theo who is visually impaired, but who wants to be treated like just like everyone else. 


Enjoying learning about evolution and fossils through playing the games we made.

Schools Games Event: Intrahouse Event Football

Homework for half-term

PGL Presentation

Homework 5/10/18

For National Poetry Day we chose a favourite poem and performed it to the class.

Poetry reading

Still image for this video
We read our favourite poems to the class for National Poetry Day.


Still image for this video

Calculation Workshop

Here is the information that was shared at the maths workshop for parents.

Homework 28.9.18

Homework 20/9/18

We have created our own Class Charter and thought about our rights and responsibilities.

Homework 13/9/18