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Kite - Miss Chandler

Spellings for this week

Home Learning Week 5 Timetable - it is hard to believe that another week has passed! I have enjoyed the emails I have received this week. I couldn't believe how many of my class were wizards with paper! Who knew that Kite class could actually walk through a piece of A4? Mind-blowing stuff! Another successful week. Well done Kite class for all your hard work. Miss Chandler.

Home Learning Week 4 - what a great start to the week. I have received lots of eye-catching emails today full of dragons, potions and rainbows. What more could I want? Well, hopefully some more tomorrow!

Spellings for this week

Home Learning Week 4 Timetable - please find attached the timetable for the upcoming week. Every week seems to bring new surprises. I have been blown away with the work I have been sent this week. I've had ice sculptures, stories about the Easter Bunny, marvellous cake creations and many more photos sent to me. Well done Kite class! Miss Chandler.

Home Learning Week 3 - thank you for all the lovely emails I have had so far. It's been great to see/hear what you have been up to over the holidays. Well done for all your hard work, Kite class. You always know how to impress me! Also, someone's cake below is made from Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar. Yes, I had to google it but at least I've learnt something today. Amazing!