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Well done Puffins! I am so proud of you!  Your performances on Friday were amazing!

You all worked so hard to learn your lines, follow the stage directions and impress your audiences.  I hope you enjoyed performing as much as the audiences enjoyed watching.  Great work!

I would like to thank all the parents for organising the costumes for the children, they really looked the part.

I would also like to thank all those who helped make or supplied props, they really helped the children to play their roles. 

Well done all!

Miss Mann

Costumes for our Fabulous Finish 'Pirates of the Curry Bean'

Every child in year 2 needs a costume.  There are three main groups:

The Crunchy Frog are sailors (blue, grey and white, stripes)

The Curry Bean are pirates (red, black and white colours)

The Island of Lumbago are islanders (long shorts, summery tops and a garland)


There are also some dockworkers, children and a family who need ragged clothes and the monkeys need a brown or black big baggy t-shirt top.  The inspectors will need sailor colours and we will provide them with a high vis jacket.  Costumes can come in as soon as you have them.

If there are any queries please speak to us on Monday after school. 


Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you for the show!

Homework 23rd June


Please learn and practise your words for Pirate of the Curry Bean.

You have both script and song words. Music for songs can be accessed through You Tube.

Remember scripts need to be in school EVERY DAY.


Thank you


On Monday we are visiting the library.  If your child has a library card and you give permission they can bring home a new library book. Don't forget they will need to know their own password.


In the afternoon we plan to have our reward.  You probably already know that the children have chosen to have a water fight, this will mean they will need to bring in a squeezy bottle, water pistol or another method of carrying/throwing water.  The children will get wet so if you would like them to bring a change of clothes that may be a good idea although we will 'fight' just before hometime which means no one will be sitting around wet.





16th June Maths Homework

Shenfield St Mary’s Year 2 Homework 09.06.2017



Tick when completed


Read every night.



Next project Title:



Due in on Wednesday 14th June.




On Friday we will be beginning to make a Pirate Island. Each child will need a sturdy piece of cardboard (no bigger than A3 size), cotton wall, bubble wrap and small items to decorate island e.g. pirate Lego figures, cake decorations. See some photos on our class pages for ideas.




other mother brother

nothing monkey

minute second hour

quarter half


Parental Comment (Pupil’s response)




Daily reading for 10 to 15 minutes. (Please record in your reading journal.)

You should spend a total of one hour over the week on the rest of your homework. Homework should be returned each Wednesday.

Our maths for the week beginning 12th June:

  • Identifying properties of 2d and 3d shapes
  • Comparing shapes
  • Identifying lines of symmetry

Ideas for pirate island items



Homework 26th May



Read every night.


Next project Title:



Due in on Wednesday 14th June.



Record 3 ways that you use maths during your holiday. E.g. Money, numbers in environment, measuring, time.



all ball walk


always small almost


already also altogether

Eco week sculpture inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Eco Week - Ready, Steady, Cook - The children have enjoyed using their imagination to create some truly delicious and healthy culinary delights!


Shenfield St Mary’s Year 2 Homework 19.05.2017



Tick when completed


Read every night.



Project 2: Wear your recycled costume to school on Friday 26th May.






Find out how you recycle at home and where in your area you can recycle different items. E.g. charity shops, recycle points at shops, civic amenities.





water environment

air energy

recycle donate

reuse charity



Parental Comment (Pupil’s response)





Next week is Eco Week


In year 2 on Monday morning we would like to hold a swap shop of games or books.

Each child needs to bring in 1 item of good quality that they would be happy to swap permanently, so they reuse their friend’s game or book.

They will not be returning home with their original item, instead a new game or book to share with you.


Please send in on Monday an old sock which we will made into a sock puppet during the week.


We also need a variety of resources e.g. stones, sticks, straw, newspaper and bottles. We will use these for a range of activities throughout the week to make a class scarecrow, art project and bug hotel.


Remember we are encouraging walking to school and the classes will be surveyed each day. If you live too far from school to walk please endeavour to park at a distance from the school and walk the final part of your journey.


Wear your Eco costume on Friday!


2nd Project


Homework 12.5.2017



Read every night. Find different words that have included contractions and been used in your book. e.g. he’s, I’m, they ‘re



Project 2 Title: ____________________________


Reminder the children will need a Recycled costume for Eco week. You may wish to make this your project 2 and wear to school on Friday 26th May.



  1. Thursday RE lesson the children need to bring in a memento (Object, photo) which reminds them of someone they do not see or cannot see anymore. (someone’s moved, lives abroad, died)


They will need to be able to explain a little about it.


are not aren’t

could not couldn’t

does not doesn’t

have not haven’t

I have I’ve

where is where’s

who is who’s

Our reward jar is full - again!

So remember your teddy on Monday!


Our maths for the week beginning 8th May:

  • Balancing equations
  • Solving missing number problems
  • Practicing our mental arithmetic



Homework 5.5.2017



Read every night. Find 6 different words that have suffixes and been used in your book. E.g. quietly, enjoyment, faster


CGP maths book – Exploring Measures

Pages 20, 21, 22, 23.


Project 2 Title: ____________________________

Due in on 17th May


again everybody

both anybody

old only

after water

climb could

would should

First Summer Projects!



Homework 28th April



Read every night. Find 6 different connectives that have been used in your book. E.g. and, then, so, because



There is a recording sheet on the class page that may be useful.

Carry out an experiment to investigate either the capacity of containers or weight of objects.

Choose up to 8 containers or objects.

Predict which will hold the most to least or be heaviest to lightest. Record your predictions, you may find the recording sheet helpful or you may want to draw/photograph you things.

Carry out your experiment. Record your actual results using the same method.

Were your predictions correct?


Project 1 Title: ____________________________

Due in on 3rd May


angrier angriest

crazier craziest

dirtier dirtiest

happier happiest

lovelier loveliest


Homework 21st April


Read every night. Discuss how the story begins.

Is there a traditional start?


To reinforce this week’s work on comparing numbers and place value. CGP maths book pages 2, 4 and 6.



Project 1 Title: ____________________________

Due in on 3rd May


pirate travelled

cutlass island

captain treasure

sailed aboard

Homework Menu - Summer Term 2017


There are 13 weeks this term please complete 5 projects from the following themes (with at least 1 from each section and using a range of skills from the grid below):


Whole School Themes

I can explain about democracy (link to the general election in Jun) (Citizenship).

I can tell you about a different Christian denomination (Religious Education).

I can raise money for Little Havens (Chosen school charity).


Subject Themes

I can design and make a poster for the Summer Fair (English/design).

I can find out something about a significant mathematician (Maths).

I can design and make myself an outfit for Eco Week using recycled materials (Friday 26 May) (PSHE).


Topic Themes – Pirates (Year 2)


I can share an example of how I have shown our Christian values Trust or Courage (English, Religious Education, PSHE).

I can find out about our author Timothy Knapman (English, Computing).

I can find out about an historic explorer e.g. Columbus, Cortes, Francis Drake, Grace O ‘Malley (History, Literacy, Computing).

I can investigate different habitats in my locality. e.g. bug survey, photos, art work of different habitats, or advertisement for a bug hotel (Science, Art, Literacy, Maths, Computing).