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Swan - Miss Dodd


Thank you so much to everyone for the lovely gifts you gave us!

It has been a great year!

Enjoy your holidays!

Miss Dodd, Mrs Brindle and Mrs Mooney

As we are coming to the end of the year there will be lots of books etc. to come home. 


Please could your child bring in a carrier bag with their name on to take things home. 


Thank you!

FABULOUS FINISH! We hope you enjoyed the fashion show!

We have been investigating how to make rockets fly faster and higher.

Prayer Space - we went to the church this week to do a range of activities. The children were extremely thoughtful and the leaders were very impressed by their questions!

Fabulous Finish

Year 3 Fabulous Finish will take place on Friday 12th July at 2:00pm. Please wait by the office and Mrs Mellish will let you in. The children can wear whatever they want with their t-shirt (shorts, skirts, leggings, trousers). The more colourful, the better! We look forward to seeing you. Miss Chandler and Miss Dodd smiley

Spellings for Week 19

We had a brilliant time today tie-dyeing our t-shirts! Look forward to the fashion show!

Spellings for Week 18



Just a reminder to the couple of children who haven't brought in a white t-shirt yet - we will be doing our tie-dye on FRIDAY so you need to bring them in by then.



Once again, the weather isn't looking wonderful for tomorrow's walk down to swimming, so please can you make sure your child has a coat with a hood to walk down in.




Also, to any parent helpers, we are now leaving at more like 9:15/ 9:20 as we arrive at the the pool quite early.

We have been learning about rockets and made our ow, thinking about how to make them streamlined.

Spellings for Week 17



On Saturday, Year 3 will be performing our song together at 2:45 pm.


Please make sure you are there by 2:30 and listen out for the announcements so we are ready to start on time.


For our fabulous finish this term we will be having a fashion show to show the tie-dye t-shirts we will be making. 

This will take place on the afternoon of Friday 12th July and parents are invited to come and watch.



Just to reassure everyone about swimming today, the high school checks the chlorine content every hour to make sure it is at the right level. Today, it was perfectly safe for when Swan Class went in, and when they checked it between the two classes they decided it might dip too low during the next lesson, so that's why Heron Class didn't swim. Everything should be back to normal very soon and next week we will be swimming as normal.

The finished castles!

We have been building medieval castles with moats, drawbridges and defensive walls.

Spellings for Week 16



As the weather for tomorrow is looking very wet, please could you make sure your child has a coat (ideally with a hood) to walk down in. An umbrella would also be brilliant if you have one. Hopefully we won't get too soaked!


Thank you!

Homework 06.06.19. Please practise x7, x8, x9, and x12 times tables because we have identified that these are the hardest for the children to remember under timed conditions. Also, we are making tie-dye t-shirts in DT this half term and kindly ask you to provide your child with a named plain white cotton t-shirt. This is for the Fabulous Finish which is fast approaching. Deadline to bring in your t-shirt: Friday 21st June.

Spellings for Week 15



I hope everyone has been having a lovely half-term!


Just a reminder that we do have swimming the first day back so remember all your kit. 


Parent helpers that day - this is the later session so please could you meet us at the gates at 10:00? 


Thank you!

Aspirations day photoshoot - we are fashion designer!



You earned an incredible number of stmaryos today and have earned yourself a treat for the afternoon!


We are going to team up with Heron and watch a film together. 


As you earned SO many, you may also bring your pyjamas to change into and a healthy snack to have during the film! 


Bring your things in tomorrow and we will change straight after lunch.





We had a great time this afternoon experimenting with Stone Age building techniques!

Homework 16.05.19. We have now finished sending home the times tables. This does not mean the practise stops! Please revise all times tables with your child because the times tables tests will still continue and they will be under timed conditions. We would also encourage you to work with your child on the telling the time, both on an analogue and digital clock. Thank you!

Spellings for Week 14

We have been looking at rocks in Science, and made sedimentary rock sandwiches to see how the layers form.

Homework 09.05.19 - we have decided to do the same times tables to give you a chance to really embed them.

Spellings for Week 13


Dear parents,

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with swimming so far.

Next week (Tuesday 14th May) we will be one person short to walk down as Mrs Brindle is needed elsewhere.

If anyone else would be available to help that morning we would be very grateful!

Thank you,

Miss Dodd

Apologies for the confusion. The project is due in Monday 13th May. Thank you! smiley

Roman mosaics


I hope you have all had a lovely long weekend! 

Just a reminder that we will be swimming on Tuesday morning so make sure you have all your kit ready for that. 

Class reward

Spellings for Week 12

Class Reward!


Swan Class have earned another class reward and have chosen to watch a film in their pyjamas with a cuddly toy and a healthy snack. 


We will do this on Friday 3rd of May, so if they would like they can bring in a bag with pyjamas to change into, ONE cuddly toy and a snack of fruit or vegetables. 

Magnetic games

Dear parents,

It is our class assembly next Friday and the children are doing a great job already. Hopefully they will know their words for our practices next week!

As it is on our topic of Romans, nearly all the children will need to wear a Roman costume for the assembly. Please don’t feel you need to buy anything especially – probably their costumes from Egyptian Day in the autumn term will be absolutely fine (without the pharaoh headdresses!) or otherwise just a large t-shirt with a belt or some kind of sheet. We have a few spares at school if necessary and we will be making a few props and things at school to go with their costumes.

Please could they bring in their costumes by WEDNESDAY to leave room for any being forgotten.

Thank you for your help!

Miss Dodd

Thank you so much to everyone who has volunteered to help us walk down to swimming. Please have a look at the rota below. If there are any problems, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can rearrange things. Thank you!

Spellings for Week 11

Class assembly - song lyrics



Thank you very much to all the parents who have offered to help walk us down to swimming over this term. I will send out a rota this week to confirm who will be there each week. 


There are still a lot of permission slips yet to come in, so the letters have gone home again to those I haven't heard from today in case they have disappeared over the holiday! I know a couple of children had thought they had brought one in, but I think some of these got lost along the way in the end of term madness so I apologise if this means filling out the form again. 


Miss Dodd

Today we had a Roman feast as the fabulous finish to our Romans topic!

It is time to return the books we have borrowed from the library again, and we are missing two books. Please can you have a look at home and see if you can find:


Tom Gates: A Little Bit Lucky

Tom Gates: Epic Adventures


Thank you! We really need these back.

You have made some amazing magnetic games, Swan Class!

Thank you to everyone who offered to help with our trip on Friday. There were so many more volunteers than we needed, so thank you so much but we have enough people now. If I haven't talked to you about it then we don't have space for more helpers on this trip but hopefully we will have another next term. 


Also, thank you to the parents who have offered to help walk us down to the football tournament. Those who have told me, thank you that would be amazing!

Spellings for Week 10

In Science we are learning about magnets and the children planned and carried out their own investigations. They came up with some brilliant questions and worked scientifically.

The children had a go at solving problems involving length this week and designed their own too.

Spellings for Week 9

Well done Swan Class for your assembly this morning! You all learned your lines and performed it really well.

We have been learning about Roman baths and had a go at building some of the different temperature rooms. Can you spot any hypocausts?