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School Games Event:

Yesterday Year 5 had their Intrahouse event. They played rounders in house teams. Many were very encouraging towards each other and we're definitely developing some fantastic players! Here are the results (and it was very close!) Landon scored seven rounders and Ferguson, Burrell and Cole all scored eight and a half rounders! It was extremely close and all children should be congratulated on their efforts. Well done, Year 5!


Eco Week Ready, Steady, Cook - The children have enjoyed using their imagination to create some truly delicious and healthy culinary delights!

Eco week- Working together to create natural artwork inspired by sculpture Andy Goldsworth

Robin Class lovecarrying out scientific investigations. Today we were finding out about how materials react when mixed with water or even better vinegar!

We were challenged to look at the 10 Commandments and put them into an order to reflect the importance of each one. After much discussion this was our final decision as a group although some felt their was no one commandment more important than another.

Creating Stone Age dwellings

We all had a fun day at Celtic Harmony

Robin and Puffin shared stories for World Book Day!

Science with Dinosaurs and Ski Lift Constructions

School Games Event:

And the results are in... In fourth place, Cole House. In the third place, Landon House. In second place, Ferguson House and in first place, Burrell House. Well done to Burrell House and to all of those who took part yesterday! You were all brilliant!


School Games Event: Autumn Term


On Thursday, Kingfisher and Robin classes came together to compete in this term's Intrahouse event. They participated in two separate games: Netball and Football. They enjoyed the opportunity to be competitive within their houses. The competition was very close and it wasn't until the final whistle, that we knew who had even won! Well done to all those who took part; you worked well as a team and were a credit to your house. Photos to follow as soon as possible!

We've had an exciting day being forensic scientists!

Exciting Science Investigations!



  • We will be respectful to anybody we talk to.
  • Always remember to keep the classroom neat and tidy at all times.
  • We will work as a team and include everyone.
  • We should always listen to each other and respect each other's opinions.
  • Don't take other's belongings without their permission.
  • Always show good manners to everyone, remembering to open doors for others.
  • When you want to speak, put your hand up.
  • Always walk when we move around the school.
  • Always be honest with each other.
  • We will always show a good attitude with our work and try our best.
  • Always respect others when they are tryng to work.
  • We will always persevere even when things get hard.


Autumn Term 2016 Termly Overview

17th June 2016



Theme 4 due in next week.

  •  Reading
  • Times tables. Keep working on them. How quickly can you fill out a multiplication grid?
  • Complete a page in your maths book and or work on your written multiplication and division. You've worked hard on this in class, show everyone what you can do!
  • Spellings


A great Class Assembly Robins. Well done!

​Many thanks to all the Parents who came and supported the after party!


Miss Kent



Spellings for this half term. Don't forget to look again at last term's.

Robins go back in time!

Robin Class chilling! It's been a busy half term and lots of hard work means that Robins have filled their jar!

Green Cards!

Homework 19.05.16

Look, it's John's best friend. George lives with one of our Robin's.

Summer Term 2016 Robin Class had fun building water cycles as part of their stunning starters.

Homework menus Summer 2016 and spellings

Model Making! Phew! No modroc this time!

Sports Relief 2016

Planning our sculptures

Robin Class Investigating!

Homework 03.03.2016

Year 4's Olympic Challenges!

Robin's played various games and evaluated the instructions.

Year 4 Interhouse Netball



Designing and making clay pots - Greek pots!

Pancake Races

Sharing our good ideas.

Developing our clay skills.

Stunning Starter - making little Greek Gods

HOMEWORK 04.02.2016

Spring Homework Menu

Our Fabulous Finish! Robin's had great fun designing and making Viking shield biscuits and Viking shields out of clay.

The Christmas Party!

House Football Match.

I took my camera to snap some great action shots! Sadly, I forgot the battery!


I was very proud of Robin's as they all played exceptionally well.

Well done Robins!


Robin's thoroughly enjoyed playing lots of different instruments.

Packing our Christmas Boxes

Raising Money for Children in Need

Woring together to solve maths puzzles.

The Robin's Make Music!

Still image for this video

We've been looking at newspapers.


 After Half Term



  •  Fractions

  • Doubling and halving


 Book Reviews - Dick King-Smith

Which books have you been reading at home?




Look at our superb figure heads!

Model Painting!

Sutton Hoo

We have started to paint our models

Sutton Hoo


 We are going to be very busy next week.


 Travelling back in time to the Anglo-Saxon period in Literacy and on Tuesday we are off to Sutton Hoo!


 Maths next week

 Another chance to look at written multiplication.

Measuring and drawing in m, cm and mm.


Our figure heads are begging to be painted so next week we need to remember to bring in our old clothes.





We have been model making!

Don't Robin Class look amazing in their costumes?

Robin's History Channel!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Can you help? We are collecting empty plastic bottles so that we can make Viking figure heads.

Meet John Smith!

We have been making longboats!

 Robin Class Charter

 In Robin Class, we will always try our hardest so that we can be the best we can.


 We think of others and not just ourselves.


 We show respect for our surroundings and possessions.


 We will take responsibility for our own behaviour and set a good example to others.

Stunning Starter! Robins and Kingfishers

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Robin - Tudor Class Assembly

Wat Tyler Country Park Trip 04.06.15

Passport to Europe Week: Italy

Just before the half term, the children enjoyed an excellent week called 'Passport to Europe'. They travelled to many different countries: Italy, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France and the Netherlands. Here are some of the children making pasta jewellery in Italy. Look for more pictures on the class page.


To celebrate our Magical Mystery Tour, Year 3 will be hosting a Psychedelic Sixties Fashion Show. Our Fabulous Finish will be taking place on Tuesday 14th July 2015 at 1:30-3:00. You will be creating an outfit with your child and then we will gather in the Hall for what we hope will be a spectacular show. This is a chance for you to see what your child has been learning this term. We are very excited about this event and we hope you are too!

This term, Robin class are travelling in time on The Magical Mystery Tour. We will be studying the following: The Stone Age, The Normans, The Tudors, The Victorians and The Psychedelic Sixties. I'm sure it will be a memorable adventure!