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Homework 2.12.19

Homework - 25.12.19

Christmas Nativity Songs

Here are the Nativity songs for you to practise at home. Enjoy.

02 The Streets Of Bethlehem - with vocals.mp3

03 There Is A Stable - with vocals.mp3

04 Peace And Love To All Mankind - with vocals.mp3

05 The First Christmas - with vocals.mp3

06 Bad King Herod - with vocals.mp3

07 Everybody Sing Along - with vocals.mp3

Christmas Nativity Song Words

Homework WB 18.11.19

Homework WB 11.11.2019

Homework Wk Beg 4.11.19

Homework 14.10.19

Homework 8.10.19

Homework 30.9.19


Thank you children for being so well behaved today on our trip to Sutton Hoo. Many thanks also to the parents who kindly gave up their time to accompany us.

We had an enjoyable day and found out lots of information about the Anglo-Saxons.

The staff at Sutton Hoo were impressed by your behaviour, so well done!


Homework 24.09.19

Homework WB 16.09.19

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct 1

Welcome back!


We have enjoyed hearing all about your wonderful holidays.


The homework books for Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling should be arriving soon.


Homework for this week is on the class page.

Homework 10.09.19