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Ladybird - Mrs Hodder

Our classroom is just missing you!

Look what we found on our scavenger hunt.

Our Stone Soup recipes.

love and friendship

Friendship bracelet and ring.


 Ralphie's poem

My friends I cannot wait to see

They make me happy as can be

When we can go back to school

I cannot wait to hug them all.


Love and Friendship



Dear God, 


Thank you for  love and friendship


We should  always have each others backs


We HAVE to help eachother


Friends and family are important  because they love you


Friends make you happy because they are on your side




How do I know if my child is ready to go up a reading level?

Creatures, How would you group them?

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh ' Sunflowers'

Chloe has made her own characters to retell the story.

Great story telling Imogen

Ethan has helped to pull up the turnip.

Olive has included an onion in her story.

Ralphie has adapted the story to include carrots!

Well Done Thomas, Oscar,Louie, Porter, Ryan, Joshua, Edward, Maisie for your Enormous turnip work.

A fun way to retell the story using soft toys, Well done Sophia, Isabelle, Maizie, Betsy and Hantin

An alternative version of the enormous turnip by Billy

The enormous turnip by James

Still image for this video


Enjoy reading our Springtime stories.

An Easter egg hunt from Oscar,
Edward's spring time on the farm.
A great story of friendship Hantin
Hantin part 2
Louie a very topical Spring story.
An Spring time adventure.
Ethan has included many signs of spring.

Exploring the countries of the UK.

What's the time?

Camouflage challenge

Can you find 4 animals in the doll house?
Can you find 6 animals in the swamp?
Polie the polar bear is hidden.  Can you find it?
Can you find the jungle animal?
The animals are lose in the garden.
Can you find the hidden kitten in the picture?
Can you find the 6 hidden creatures?
Find the 2 hidden animals in the bush.
3 hidden Lego men...they are tricky to find!
Find 5 animals and a small child!
Can you find the hidden transparent gem.
There is a dinosaurs on the loose.
They are everywhere!!
Find a frog, butterfly, snail and ladybird.
I've only spotted 1 dinosaurs.  Are there more?
A teddy is loose in the house
Tom has hidden a teddy

Creative Den building.

We are being creative in different ways.

An Easter Garden

Home learning Where the Wild Things Are

Home learning a view from the window.

These are the phonemes we have been learning. Practise applying them when reading and writing. ' Mr Thornes' on youtube will help with any your child is uncertain of.