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Here are the choir words for Xmas. Please learn them and enjoy singing at home.

07 Merry Christmas To You.mp3

These are the music tracks for the Xmas songs.

Listen carefully and sing along so that you are ready for choir each week.

We have some big events to sing at.

10 Where Shall We Go This Christmas_.mp3

12 I Will Rejoice.mp3

14 The World Will Wait.mp3

Choir and parents,

You can use these videos to help you

learn the songs and actions. You need to click on them and it will take you to Youtube .

I will add more song words and music as they become available but if you learn these it will be a good start.

Happy singing.

YV Dance Moves 2017 - 'JT Remix' Full Run

YV Dance Moves 2017 - 'Maliswe' Full Run

YV Dance Moves 2017 - 'Over the Hills' Full Run

YV Dance Moves 2017 - 'You're the Voice' Full Run

Transport of delight

Get loud

The Gospel Train

The Lightning Tree

Utter Madness


Video Killed the Radio Star

Power In Me

Pop Medley 2016

Somebody to Love

River Deep Mountain High

Choreography 2016 - 'The Gospel Train' Full Run

Choreography 2016 - 'Video Killed the Radio Star' Full Run

Choreography 2016 - 'Utter Madness' Full Run

Choreography 2016 - 'Power In Me' Full Run