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A giants world! Look here to see what lands your friends have created. What questions can you think of to ask them about their lands?

My giants candy land by Emilia

Where does he sleep?

Does he eat naughty treats?

Does he eat them very often?

Who does he go for a walk with in the woods?


From Matilda


To Matilda

John the giant sleeps in a big wooden bed
No he doesn’t eat naughty treats. He eats vegetables
He goes for a walk in the woods with his 2 dogs, Arthur and Oscar

From Charlie

Robogiant Attack Land! by William

To William

 How tall is the Robogiant ? 

 What does the Robogiant do to keep fit ? 

 What is his favourite dinner? 

from Mrs Armstrong

At the top of the beanstalk by Tia

To Tia,

How tall is the beanstalk?

from Ian


 How many rooms does your giant have in the  castle ? 

 What activities does  your giant like to do ? 

Does the giant have a family ? 


from Mrs Armstrong

A secret hiding place by Molly

What does the magic plant do? by Ben


Where did the golden eggs come from? by Matilda


From Florrie

Who is sitting in the throne?

Did you use a plant as a cactus?

Are the golden eggs chocolate eggs?


Does your Giant have lots of sparkly dressing up? by Olivia Q


Molly: Are your golden eggs chocolate eggs? From Tia


Molly's answers

Sweet Candy from the clouds by Eliza

Where does your giant sleep? by Molly


 Does is rain Sweeties at your castle when it rains? by Olivia Q


What is the giants favourite candy ? 

      Does it rain different candy every day ? 

      Is the giants land made out of candy ? 

From Mrs Armstrong


1  My giant sleeps on the ground floor in the grey bed.

2  Yes  it does rain candy from the clouds.

3 The giants favourite candy is gummy bears.

4 No it rains candy on Tuesday  Friday and Sundays.

5. no the castle is made of bricks

A giant castle by Darcie

Does your giant have any family that lives with him in the castle? by Matilda

Does you castle have a garden for us to play in?  by Olivia Q


Does your giant have a giant pet ? 

What does your giant like to eat ? 

What is your giants favourite thing to do ? 

From Mrs Armstrong


  1. No, my giant does not live with any family.
  2. Yes, the castle does have a garden.
  3. Yes, my giant does have a giant dog as his pet.
  4. My giant eats hotdogs.
  5. My giant's favourite thing to do is paint

Giant sweets in Candy land by Luke

To Luke From James

  1. What is Santa doing?
  2. Is that a shark or a dolphin?
  3. What candy is there?
  4. What is the rabbit eating?
  5. Is that a candy maker at the bottom left of the photo?


Does your giant make the candy? by Cameron


Did the shark climb up your giant's beanstalk? 


What is your giants favourite candy? by Teddy

Lots of places to visit in this land by Cameron

Your giant land looks really fun!  Are there any sharks living in the swimming pool? by Matilda


Who does the Giant dance with in the ballroom? by Ben


What does he feed the pet shark? by Teddy


Cameron B: how long did it take to build? From Tia

A place for a giant by Louis D

Where does your giant sleep? by Cameron

Do the fires burn all the time? by Ben

Is your giant grinding bones? by Teddy


To Louis D: Why is your giant a gorilla? From Tia

A giant land with ice cream by Olivia Q

 Do the giants make their own ice creams or does the ice cream truck come to your giants land? by Matilda


How many people live in your castle? by Cameron


How many different flavours of ice creams are there ? 

What is the giants favourite flavour of ice cream ? 

What is the giants favourite activity ? 

From Mrs Armstrong


To Olivia Q: What did you use to make your Kingdom? From Tia

Giants house by Louie

Where does the giant slide lead to? by Matilda


What is the name of the giant dog? by Ben


To Louie,

Is the giant bigger or smaller than the dog?

How many rooms are in the castle?

From Ian


To Matilda,

This slide leads to the house so the giant can come in and out of the house. 


To Ben,

This giant dog is called "Wongie".


To Ian,

The giant is much bigger than the dog.

There are 6 rooms in the castle.



Teddy has created this giant world

Answers for Leo



How tall is your waterfall?


Answer, The waterfall is three times taller than my giant. So it's very tall.


Is your home on water or grass?


Answer, The house in the clouds but the floor and sides are made of grass.


Does your giant live in a cave?


No, the cave is where he keeps his gold. The giant sleeps outside on a cloud.


Does your giant eat on the roof?

Yes, he has a kitchen but that's he grinds the bones!

Where does your giant eat his dinner? by Molly

Answer, My giant eats his dinner on the roof.  He uses his kitchen just for grinding bones.


Does the giant wash in the waterfall? by Cameron

Answer; Yes, the giant does because he forgot to buy a shower! He doesn't shower very often as he is a bit smelly!



To Teddy,

Does your giant have pets?

from Ian


Answer; No the only pet he has is a goose.

A giant land by Florrie

Do the dragon cats eat the candy floss smoke? by Matilda

To Florrie,

Are the 3 dragons your giant's pets?

by Ian



Florrie's answers

Ethan's Giant world - a huge castle

Does your giant play the xylophone? by Matilda


How many bedrooms does your castle have? by Ben


From Daisy

  1. Does the giant play the xylophone?
  2. Does the giant play in the cloud?
  3. Does the giant reed the book?
  4. How many people go in the castle?
  5. Did the giant eat the egg?


From Florrie

Is the cow guarding the castle?

Who is your giant?


To Ethan: Is that a xylophone instead of a harp? From Tia


For Matilda:


Yes he does play the xylophone, it makes him fall asleep.


For Ben:


The giant has 2 bedrooms for him and the cook.


For Georgia:


1. The cow lives in a barn.

2. Because it is made out of gold.

3. The giant eats meat.

4. The beanstalk is ginormous.

5. The giant, his money, hen and the cook.


For Daisy: 


1. Yes he does.

2. The giant does not play.

3. Yes he reads it before bed.

4. Three people - the giant, the cook and Jack.

5. No because the egg is not choclete.


For Florrie: 


1. No they sold the cow for magic beans.

2. He is called Billy.


For Tia: 


Yes we did not have a harp.


A great place for a giant to live by Matilda

Why does he have a workshop? Is he a mechanic? by Molly


What other vegetables does the giant grow ? 

How many motor bikes does the giant have ? 


From Mrs Armstrong


Matilda's answers

My giant has a workshop because he can fix his motorbike whenever it gets broken. 


My giant is a mechanic because he likes fixing things. 


My giant has two motorbikes, one for him and one for his wife. 


My giant also grows beetroot, lettuce, cucumber and he also grows apples. 


All a giant needs by James

Does your giant have a garden ? 

            Does he like cooking ? 

           What is his favourite dinner ? 


From Mrs Armstrong


Does your giant have a garden?

Yes, he has a garden where he grows vegetables, especially tomatoes.


Does he like cooking?

Yes, he loves to cook yummy food


What is his favourite dinner?

A giant bowl of tomato soup


Is your giant living by himself?

He lives with his cat called Cally


What does he like to do?

He likes to play with his cat




We also received some last minute questions from Luke!


Does your giant like to have a shower?

No, he likes to have a huge bubble bath 


Does he have any transport?

Yes, a very big helicopter

Up in the clouds by Zac

Does your giant brush his teeth? by Molly


What vegetables is the giant growing? by Matilda


Your picture is brilliant! What song does the giant play on his harp? by Teddy


Which vegetables are you growing in your vegetable patch? by Olivia Q


A giant lives here by Leo

Are the wall made of ice? How do they not melt? by Teddy


What does the giant feed the shark ?

    Does he have any other pets ? 

    Is the shark friendly ? 


From Mrs Armstrong


Charlie wants to know

What food does your giant eat?

What is your giants name?

How tall is he?

What is your giants favourite food?

Does he have a pet?


Mrs Armstrong - 

He feeds people to the shark




No the shark is not friendly



Teddy - 


No they are not ice


Because they are made of glass





He eats meat.


He is called Bob.


He is 240cm


He loves sweets


he has a pet shark


A giant lives here by Georgia

What does the giant enjoy doing outside ? 

             How many pets does your giant have ? 

            How many giants live in the castle ? 


From Mrs Armstrong



Mrs Armstrong


Swimming and feeding his pets.


He has a dolphin and a fish


Only one giant lives in the house

Up in the stars by Daisy

Why does he have stars on his planet? by Molly


What does your giant eat and drink? by Matilda


My giant answers are 

1. The stars are to help him sleep.

2. He drinks water and he eats ham sandwiches.

A giants house by Ian

Does your giant live on his own ? 

   Does the giant enjoy gardening ? 

   What is his favourite food ? 


From Mrs Armstrong


(To Mrs Armstrong)

He lives with his wife.

No he doesn’t like gardening but he sometimes does gardening.

His favourite food is pizza.


(To Louie)

My giant eats pizza.

My giant likes to get more treasure.

What is the giants name ? 

Does he like dancing ? 

What does he like to eat ? 

From Mrs Armstrong


Lia's answers to her giant questions from Mrs Armstrong: 


My giant is called Rosebud.


It's a she and no she doesn't like dancing, she likes singing.


She likes to eat things beginning with L, like lollies, lettuce, lemons and also ice-cream. She likes merman ice-cream, it's really colourful and really tasty.