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District Rounders Champions 2017

More success!  This time our Rounders team has won the district tournament, allowing them to progress to the Essex finals.


The team's fielding skills were tight, so tight that the first 3 children that came into bat were out immediately.  We played three teams in our group and got two of the teams out before the seven minutes were complete.  The third team was St Helen's and they were very strong - this was a far harder match where we relied on excellent batting to secure the win.  


The semi-final was against St Joseph the Worker which we won, again getting them all out before the seven minutes were up.  Hopefully their player, who was hit in the eye by a ball that came off her bat, doesn't have too much of a black eye!


In the final, we played St Helen's again.  We knew it would be a tough match and with 3 minutes to go, the team had to score one and a half rounders to become the District Champions - they went far better than that in the end.


Overall, some excellent bowling, fast and accurate, amazing team work when fielding and powerful hitting that did the trick.  So proud of you all St Mary's!