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First Head Teacher's Awards of the Academic Year and 2021

Congratulations to these pupils who have been awarded their Head Teacher's Awards.  To do this they have received six Green Cards for excellent effort, attitude, behaviour or achievement.  Well done to:


Aimee Lim

Amaia Keskin-Larrea

Amanda Sharpe

Arthur Cook

Bethany Kenny

Christiana Omideyi

Ethan Hale

Freya Lee

James Woodward

Jude Hearn

Kitty Anderson

Lara Charters

Lewis Gray

Maddy Philips

Mai Wendlekin

Maisy Moore

Matthew Wiles

Max Robinson

Max Rostron

Pier Riffenburg

Poppy Coquard

Riya Kulkarni

Rowan Eaton

William Ovenden


Only six more for your Super Head Teacher's Award!