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Mrs Plumstead has retired

When a lovely lady like Annie comes to retirement, it is customary to take everyone on the journey of her time in the school.

However, Annie has been associated with Shenfield St Mary’s for longer than anyone else here, so it is quite hard to be certain not to miss anything.  So, here are a few highlights.


Annie’s official start of employment date is the 20th January 1997, twenty two years ago.  Although, it seems the school's records were a little sketchy then are she informs me she was employed before that!  Her children both attended the school, Annie also led Trekkers for quite a long time, volunteered here and is of course a member of the local church community, Annie’s commitment and interest in the school goes back well over thirty years (although she may not like me telling you that). 


This means Annie has influenced the learning (socially, academically and emotionally) of around 2000 pupils who have grown up in our community.  Everyone knows Annie, every past pupil remembers Annie and everyone loves her welcoming smile and good nature.  She will also have worked with at least 200 different adults and met a few thousand more parents/carers in her role at the church.


As a governor, Annie has strived to both support and challenge the school.  She always celebrates our successes and recognises the hard work and dedication of the staff team, including its volunteers. 


As a higher level teaching assistant, Annie has had the greatest influence on the school’s love of art.  She is happy to do anything she is asked, however, the biggest smile can be seen when she can bring her artistic flare to life for the children.  Knowing this, I asked her to leave a special Annie legacy and she has created a mural on the side of the pavilion; Life at St Mary’s, ably assisted by our children.  


I feel the mural is the perfect reminder of Annie.  It has brought a little sunshine to an otherwise dull corner of the school.  Annie, you bring light and happiness and we all hope that you enjoy your retirement but I know you will still be shining here when you can.  We haven’t let her go completely, Annie is a governor on the local board and has promised to carry on helping at the Eucharist. 


Annie, good luck, peace, health and happiness on your retirement.